Chicken Rate List Today in Karachi 2023

If you want to know Chicken Rate List Today in Karachi 2023, then you have landed on the right page. Here you can see the poultry price list daily updates.

Chicken meat drools everyone’s mouth! Aside from its great taste, it is also rich in nutrients. There are many benefits to eating it, including being high in protein, good for your heart, abundant in phosphorus, boosting your metabolism, and a ton more. Each day, the prices for poultry items in Karachi are revised.

The chicken rate in Karachi today varies in different areas. The reason for this is that Karachi is a big city and has many parts. Hence, the price of chicken varies from area to area in Karachi. In Karachi, the chicken market price couldn’t stay the same as usual. Prices change seasonally. In Karachi, the chicken price decreases in summer, and increases in the winter.

Please stay tuned to WagePrice for all the latest chicken rates in Karachi. These chicken rates are provided by the Commissioner of the Karachi Division.


This list includes Broiler Chicken Rates, Broiler Chicken Meat Rates, Eggs for wholesalers, and Eggs for Shopkeepers.

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Poultry Rate Today Karachi

In this Poultry Market Rate List, you can see the following prices;

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Zinda Chicken Rate Today

کراچی میں زندہ مرغی کی قیمت: 230 سے 235 روپے کلو

کراچی میں مرغی کے گوشت کی قیمت: 365 روپے فی کلو

Chicken Rate List Today in Karachi 2022


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