Pak Fan Price in Pakistan 2023 [UPDATED LIST]

If you want to know about Pak Fan Price in Pakistan 2022 Today, So you came to the right page. Here you can find the latest rate list of Pak Fans.


The only industry is a well-known fan manufacturer in Pakistan. This company was started in 1945 and then this company achieved a high position in the industry by creating a brand under the name of Pak Fan.

The company greatly expanded its products and also sold other household products such as washing machines, dryers, rooms, and air coolers all over Pakistan and did quite a good business.

Pak Fan Latest Price  List in Pakistan 2022 – 2023

Here you can see the list of different models of Pak Fan with its official price.

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Model Name Price
Pak Fan 18 T.C.P. Plastic Plus Rs. 7,075
Pak Fan Louver Fans Baskit Plus Rs. 6,116
Pak Fan Elegance Ceiling Fan 56 Rs. 9,399
Pak Fan 14 Table Fan Regular Plus Rs. 5,762
Pak Fan 16 Table Fan Regular Plus Rs. 5,813
Pak Fan 18 Table Fan Regular Plus Rs. 6,065
Pak Fan 12 Table Fan Regular (Light) Plus Rs. 6,267
Pak Fan Tcp Pedestal Fan Copper 18 Inches Rs. 7,450
Pak Fan Louver Tcp Copper Winding 14 Inches Rs. 6,850
Pak Fans Smart Model Energy Saving Ceiling Fan 56 Rs. 6,499
PAK Room Air Cooler PK – 3000 High-Speed Single Blower System Rs. 14,999

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