Balaji Wafers Products Price List 2023

If you are searching for Balaji Wafers Products Price List 2023 in India, then you came to the right webpage. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates of Balaji Wafers Products.

Balaji Wafers Products Rate List 2023

Here are the current prices of Balaji Wafers Products;

Balaji Wafers Catalogue Weight Price
Balaji Aloo Sev 200 gm ₹42
Balaji Chaat Chaska Wafer 155 gm ₹38
Balaji Chana Dal 500 gm ₹76
Balaji Chana Jor Garam 220 gm ₹38
Balaji Cream Onion Wafers 150 gm ₹38
Balaji Farali Chevda 450 gm ₹80
Balaji Farali Chevdo 235 gm ₹47
Balaji Gathiya 300 gm ₹47
Balaji Khatta Mitha Mix 500 gm ₹85
Balaji Mung Dal 400 gm ₹95
Balaji Ratlami Sev 200 gm ₹33
Balaji Shing Bhujia 400 gm ₹71
Balaji Tikha Mitha Mix 500 gm ₹85
Balaji Wafer Magic Masala 150 gm ₹38
Balaji Wafer Tomato Masti 150 gm ₹38
Balaji Wafers Simply Salted 155 gm ₹38
Lays Waffer Style Sundried Chilli Waffer 52 gm ₹18

Disclaimer Note: We try our best to update prices daily. All prices are based on market prices, which may differ from invoice prices and company rates. The website does not sell Balaji Wafer products, rather we just provide information regarding prices. So you will have to buy Balaji Wafers and Nimko Products from the local market. If you are from a respective company or wish for us to update these prices. You can Contact Us through our contact page.

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