Broadway Pizza Menu with Prices 2023 [NEW RATE LIST]

If you are looking for Broadway Pizza Menu with Prices 2022, then you have come to the right webpage. Here we will share the latest menu and prices of Broadway Pizza in Pakistan.

Broadway Pizza Lahore Complete Menu and Price List 2022

An award-winning pizza place, Broadway Pizza has been in business for many years. Their outlets are Hyderabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Sialkot.

Their menu has many mouth-watering pizzas, which are fantastic and unique. Along with pizza, Broadway’s menu includes salads, appetizers, sandwiches, wings, and desserts. Broadway Pizza Lahore also offers home delivery services.

Here is the current rate list of Broadway Pizza Pakistan;

Pizza Flavours Price
Star Pizza Pizza Price Rs. 279
Jamaican BBQ Pizza Price Rs. 839
Chicago Bold Fold Pizza Price Rs. 244
West Side Garlic Pizza Price Rs. 244
Dancing Fajita Pizza Price Rs. 244
Tarzan Tikka Pizza Price Rs. 244
Phantom Pizza Price Rs. 244
Mamamia Classic Pizza Price Rs. 244
Godspell Beef Load Pizza Price Rs. 244
Mughlai Beast Pizza Price Rs. 244
Gypsy Euro Pizza Price Rs. 244
Wicked Blend Pizza Price Rs. 244
Arabic Ranch Pizza Price Rs. 244
Habanero Kick Pizza Price Rs. 244
All Cheese Pizza Price Rs. 244
All Veggie Pizza Price Rs. 244

Broadway Pizza Sizes and Rates

Pizza Size Price
6-inch Flatbread / Original Crust Gourmet: Rs. 369

Royale: Rs. 379

10 Inch Medium Size Pizza Price Gourmet: Rs. 1299

Royale: Rs. 1349

13 Inch Large Size Pizza Price Gourmet: Rs. 1699

Royale: Rs. 1799

20 Inch Slice Pizza Rate Gourmet: Rs. 529

Royale: Rs. 549

20 Inch Half Pizza Price Gourmet: Rs. 1899

Royale: Rs. 1999

20 Inch Full Size Pizza Price Gourmet: Rs. 2999

Royale: Rs. 3199

40 Inch Slice Pizza Pirce Gourmet: Rs. 1399

Royale: Rs. 1499

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Broadway Pizza Special Offers

Broadway Special Offers Price
10 Inch Stuffed Calzone 345 ml Drink Rs. 539
Creamy Pasta 345 ml Drink Rs. 589
Mighty Sandwich 345 ml Drink Rs. 649

Broadway Pizza Lunch Deals 11 AM – 4 PM

Broadway Lunch Offers Price
2 x 6 Inch Pizza + Dip Rs. 579
2 x 10 Inch XXL Pizza Slice + Dip Rs. 899
2 x 20 Inch XXL Half Pizza + Dips Rs. 2,499

Broadway Pizza Midnight Deals 11 PM – 10 AM

Broadway Midnight Offers Price
20 Inch Small Pizza Slice, Small Drink, Dip Rs. 449
10 Inch Medium Pizza, 2 Small Drinks, Dip Rs. 799
6 Inch Pizza & 345ml Drink Rs. 349

Broadway Pizza Premium Deals (All Day & Night)

Broadway Premium Offers Price
6 Inch Pizza Half Portion Appetizer + 345ml Drink + Dip Rs. 529
20 Inch XXL Pizza Slice Half Portion, Appetizer, 345ml Drink + Dip Rs. 689
10 Inch Medium Pizza Half Portion Appetizer + 2 x 345ml Drinks + Dip Rs. 1,149
13 Inch Large Pizza + Large Drink + Dip Rs. 1,379
40 Inch XXXXL Pizza Slice + Large Drink + Dip Rs. 1,349
20 Inch XXL Half Pizza Full Portion Appetizer + Large Drink + 2 Dips Rs. 1,799
20 XXL Full Pizza Full Portion Appetizer + Large Drink + 3 Dips Rs. 2,999

Broadway Pizza Contact Number

If you have any questions related to Broadway Pizza Pakistan, so call the following phone numbers;

UAN Helpline: 021111339339

Whatsapp Number: 03320339339

Official Website: Click Here

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