Caramia Cake Price List 2023 Philippines [Updated Menu]

If you are looking for Caramia Cake Price List 2023 Philippines, then you came to the right place. Here we will share with you the latest updated menu and rates of Caramia Cake in the Philippines.

Caramia Cakes Menu and Prices 2022 – 2023

“Carmia” is an Italian word that means “my dear,” and it was first used in Makati by Fr. Gianluigi Colombo. Initially, gelato is sold in a cafeteria-style restaurant. In the Philippines, it serves Italian food as part of its menu.

The first Caramia Cake & Gelato store opened in Greenhills in 2009 on a large scale. Within a short period of time, it became famous and expanded to include many different flavors of gelato. In addition to wafers and nuts, their toppings make them perfect for special occasions, which is why people are eager to try them.

Here are the current prices of Caramia Special Cakes;

Caramia Refrigerated Cakes Menu & Prices

Caramia Menu Whole Mini Slice
Ube Cake ₱925 ₱670 ₱155
Midnight Dream ₱950 ₱670 ₱155
Pistaccio Cioccolato ₱1,020 ₱735 ₱165
Sea Salt Honey Crunch ₱785 N/A ₱140
Mango Magnifico ₱925 N/A ₱155
Chocolate S’mores ₱935 N/A ₱155
Coffee Honeycomb ₱815 N/A ₱145
Creme Brulee ₱975 N/A ₱155
Strawberry Shortcake ₱1,250 N/A ₱170

Caramia Premium Gelato Prices

Gelato Menu Tub Pint
Pistachio ₱735 ₱380
Blueberry Cheesecake ₱735 ₱380
Strawberry Supreme ₱735 ₱380
Chocolate Therapy ₱735 ₱380
Cookies & Cream ₱735 ₱380
Coffee Mudslide ₱735 ₱380
Mango Cream Pie ₱735 ₱380
Turtle Pie ₱735 ₱380

Best Seller of Caramia Cakes

In the Philippines, Caramia cakes and gelato is the most well-known branch. A Filipino likes to enjoy their meal as much as possible. The Caramia Pistachio menu is one of our most popular menus because it comprises a variety of flavors and nuts that make it so tasty and delicious.

Ube cake is another popular item on the menu. There are Caramia ube cakes available in all Caramia and Gelato Cake branches. It tastes like vanilla.

There is nothing better for dessert than a Caramia cake. All flavors of cake are available, including turtle pie, cookies and cream, and chocolate therapy. Pizza, pasta, and coffee honeycomb are also available.

They have delicious desserts that you must try. There are different sizes of Caramia cakes, so you can choose the one you like best.

Caramia Cake Promo and Gesto Cards 2022

With Caramia gesture cards, you will be able to get additional discounts and offers on your purchases. Every time you make a purchase by using their website, you will be given a P200 discount to apply towards your next purchase.

You can also get a 10% discount when you buy products through Caramia gelato cakes. If you buy products from the website, you’ll get 10% off your birth month and 20% off your birthday.

Caramia Cakes Delivery at Home

Caramia Cakes offers online delivery services. Call toll-free hotline number 8822-1111 to order Caramia cakes near me online and grab your favorite order without having to go to the store.

Caramia Cakes Contact Number

Phone Number: (8) 822-1111

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