Cost of Flight from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia (UPDATED)

If you are looking for the cost of flight from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia in 2023, you have come to the right webpage. Here we will share the updated ticket rates of different airlines that travel from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia, KSA.

Air Ticket Price from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia KSA

Here are the current ticket prices for flights between Nigeria and Saudia Arabia;

Airline Name Economy Class Ticket Price Business Class Ticket Price
Qatar Airways ₦377,601 ₦1,816,053
Ethiopian Airlines ₦377,601 ₦1,495,577
Turkish Airways ₦474,612 ₦1,579,442
Africa World Airlines ₦802,161 ₦2,820,632
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines ₦1,354,552 ₦2,797,512
Air France ₦1,830,806 ₦2,820,632

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