Dow Lab Test Price List 2023 in Pakistan

If you are looking for Dow Lab Test Price List 2023 in Pakistan, then you came to the right webpage. Here we will share with you the updated rates of Dow Laboratory in different cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Quetta, Gujranwala, etc.

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Dow Laboratory Test Prices 2023 Pdf

You can download pdf menu catalog from their official website. Here are the current prices of Dow Laboratory in Pakistan;

Diagnostic Test Name Price
Blood Donation Rs.0
Consultation Rs.200
Consultation (Executive) Rs.400
Cross Match Only Rs.400
Cross Match Only Rs.400
Cryo Precipitate Rs.750
Cryo Precipitate-10 Rs.7,500
Donor Charges Rs.4,000
Donor Charges Rs.500
Donor Charges Rs.2,000
Donor Charges Rs.3,000
Ffp1 (Fresh Frozen Plasma) Rs.750
Ffp10 Rs.7,500
Ffp2 Rs.1,500
Ffp4 Rs.3,000
Ffp6 Rs.4,500
Ffp8 Rs.6,000
Fresh Frozen Plasma Rs.750
Irradiation Of Product Rs.700
Pack Cell Rs.2,500
Pack Cell-2 Rs.5,000
Pack Cell3 Rs.7,500
Pack Cell4 Rs.10,000
Pack Cell5 Rs.12,500
Plasma Pheresis Rs.19,000
Platelet10 Rs. 7500
Platelet6 Rs. 4500
Platelet8 Rs. 6000
Platelets From Single Blood Bag Rs. 750
Platelets Mega Unit1 Single Donor Rs. 13750
Platelets Mega Unit2 Single Donor Rs. 13750
Platelets2 Rs. 1500
Platelets4 Rs. 3000
Stem Cell Pheresis Rs. 25000
Transfusion Set Rs. 100
Transfusion Set Rs. 100
Triple Blood Bag Rs. 581
Vene Section Procedure Rs. 700
Whole Blood Rs. 1000
Anti-Thrombin Iii Rs. 2000
Antibody Screening / Identification Rs. 1300
Apt (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) Rs. 550
Bleeding Time (Bt) Rs. 150
Blood Bank Qc (Factor Viii) Rs. 0
Blood Bank Qc (Fibrinogen) Rs. 0
Blood Grouping And Rh Factor Rs. 440
Blood Grouping And Rh Factor (For Donors) Rs. 440
C.T (Clotting Time) Rs. 150
Cryoprecipitate Rs. 280
D-Dimer (Quantitative) Rs. 1500
Direct Coombs Rs. 400
Donor Screening Rs. 660
Factor Ix Rs. 1500
Factor V Deficient Rs. 1800
Factor V Leiden Rs. 2500
Factor Vii Rs. 1800
Factor Viii Rs. 1800
Factor X Rs. 1500
Factor Xi Rs. 1500
Fibrinogen Rs. 1200
G6Pd Qualitative Rs. 1500
HBsAg (For Donor) Rs. 500
Hepatitis C Antibody (For Donors) Rs. 900
Hiv (For Donor) Rs. 770
Id-Pnh Rs. 3300
Indirect Coombs Rs. 400
Inhibitor Screening Rs. 1750
Lupus Anti Coagulant Rs. 1500
Protein-C Rs. 1500
Protein-S Rs. 1500
Pt (Prothrombin Time) Rs. 440
Rh Antibody Titre Rs. 550
Syphilis V.D.R.L (For Donor) Rs. 330
Vwf Antigen Rs. 1500
Whole Blood Rs. 1200
24 Hours Urine For Calcium Rs. 350
24 Hours Urine For Creatinine Rs. 350
24 Hours Urine For Creatinine Clearance Rs. 600
24 Hours Urine For Magnesium Rs. 350
24 Hours Urine For Microalbumin Rs. 800
24 Hours Urine For Phosphorus Rs. 350
24 Hours Urine For Protein Rs. 300
24 Hours Urine For Urea Rs. 330
24 Hours Urine For Uric Acid Rs. 350
A-1 Antitrypsin Rs. 2000
Acth (Adreno Cortico Tropic Hormone) Rs. 2000
Albumin Rs. 200
Alkaline Phosphatase Rs. 250
Alpha Feto Protein ( Afp ) Rs. 2000
Amikacin Rs. 1750
Amylase Rs. 400
Anti Ccp Rs. 2200
Anti Thyroglobulin (Anti Tg) Rs. 1300
Anti Thyroid Peroxidase (Anti Tpo) Rs. 1300
Ascitic Fluid For Protiein Rs. 250
Ascitic Fluid For Triglycerides Rs. 250
B-12 (Vitamin B-12) Rs. 1000
Beta 2 Microglobulin For Serum Rs. 1700
Beta 2 Microglobulin For Urine Rs. 1800
Bicarbonate Rs. 250

Dow Ultrasound Charges in Pakistan

Here are the ultrasound charges of Dow Laboratory;

Dow Lab Ultrasound Type Charges
Ultrasound Abdomen Lower Or Pelvis Rs. 750
Ultrasound Abdomen Upper Rs. 750
Ultrasound Abdomen Whole Rs. 1,150
Ultrasound Axilla Rs. 800
Ultrasound Brain Rs. 900
Ultrasound Breast Bilateral Rs. 950
Ultrasound Breast Unilateral Rs. 700
Ultrasound Chest Rs. 700
Ultrasound Doppler Carotid Bilateral Rs. 3,020
Ultrasound Doppler Obstetric Rs. 1,600

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