Dr Bilquis Products Price List 2024 [UPDATED]

If you are looking for Dr Bilquis products price list 2024, then you came to the right website. Here we will share the latest updated rate list of Dr. Bilquis Beauty Products.

Naturalize Products Price in Pakistan 2024

As a child, Dr. Bilquis was very interested in herbal remedies. He started a company in 2019 called Neutralize. The company manufactures high-quality herbal medicines and products. Dr. Balqis’s beauty products are very popular among women all over Pakistan.

The purpose of today’s post is to share with you the rate list of Dr. Bilquis’ herbal products. So, without wasting your precious time, we share with you the price list of Dr. Bilquis Health and Beauty Products.

Dr. Bilquis Skin Care Products Price List 2024

Here is the rate list of Dr. Bilquis Sheikh Skin and Beauty Care Herbal Products.

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Product Name Price
Sun Block Rs. 750
Fairness Plus Cream Rs. 800
Skin Lightening Cream Rs. 700
Eye Roll-On C + + Rs. 600
Halawa Wax Rs. 700
Vitamin C Face Wash Rs. 750
Fairness Face Wash Rs. 750
Anti-aging Cream Rs. 1500
Anti Acne Face Wash Rs. 750
Freckle Cream Rs. 500
Tea Tree Anti Acne Soap Rs. 350
Skin Food Cream Rs. 850
Anti Wrinkle Cream Rs. 800
Skin Pore Cleanser Rs. 750

Dr. Bilquis Hair Care Products Price List 2024

Here is the rate list of Dr. Bilquis Sheikh Haircare Herbal Products.

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Product Name Price
Ginger Conditioning Shampoo Rs. 750
Amla Conditioning Shampoo Rs. 750
Hair Regrowth Spray Rs. 1000
HairFit(MultiVitamin) Rs. 600
Anti Hair Fall Spray(Biotin) Rs. 1800
Regrowth Surma Rs. 500
Malt Spray Rs. 300
Alpecin Serum Rs. 1000
Aloe Vera Conditioner Rs. 1200
Color Protection Shampoo Rs. 1250
Biotin Shampoo Rs. 2000
GreyLess Hair Powder Rs. 350

Dr. Bilquis Health Care Products Price List 2024

Here is the rate list of Dr. Bilquis Sheikh’s Men and Women Health Care Herbal Products.

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Product Name Price
Weight Loss Supplements (Reshape) Rs. 1050
Fat Burning Oil Rs. 1000
Naturotrim Herbal Tea Rs. 600
Dhamasa Capsules Rs. 450
Charcoal Manjan Rs. 250
Forest Herbal Tea Rs. 500
Under Legs & Under Arms Cream Rs. 800
Motapa Safoof Rs. 1000
Brain Booster (Dimaghi Majoon) Rs. 700
Breast Enhancement Cream (Body Shape Up) Rs. 2500
Diabi-Care Supplement For Diabetes Patients Rs. 1720
Uric Acid Powder Rs. 1000
Male Majoon(100gm) Rs. 1000
Gandak Neem Phitkari Powder Rs. 150
Alsi k Nuskha Rs. 300

Dr. Bilquis Naturalize Phone Number & Address

If you have any questions related to Dr. Bilquis Products, so you call the following phone numbers.

Address: Mashriq Center, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

Phone Numbers: +92 31 8999 8999 & +92 31 8222 8222


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