Five Star Foam Price List 2023 in Pakistan

If you are looking for Five Star Foam Price List 2023 in Pakistan, then you came to the right page. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates of Five Star Mattress in Pakistan.

Five Star Mattress Foam Rate List 2023 in Pakistan

Here are the current prices of Five Star Mattresses in Pakistan;

Five Star Foam Catalogue Price
FH-1195 Air Lux Spring Mattress (King Size ) Rs.16,010
FH-1196 Spring Fit Mattress (King Size) Rs.16,010
FH-1197 Rainbow Spring Mattress (King Size) Rs.11,000
FH-1198 Five Star Foam (King Size 8″) Rs.17,400
FH-1199 Five Star 2 in 1(King Size 8″) Rs.17,900
FH-1200 Five Star Wedding (King Size 8″) Rs.18,400
FH-1201 Tripedic (King SIze 8″) Rs.19,900
FH-1202 Medi Care – Foam (King Size 8″) Rs.20,800
FH-1203 Relaxopedic – Foam (King Size 8″) Rs.22,600
FH-1263 Jumper Spring Mattress (KING SIZE) Rs.11,820
FH-1264 Milano-Spring (KING SIZE 10″) Rs.20,597
FH-5790 Five Star Special – Foam (KING SIZE 8″) Rs.17,900
FH-5792 Five Star Express – Foam (KING SIZE 8″) Rs.18,400
FH-5793 Five Star Executive – Foam (KING SIZE 8″) Rs.18,600
FH-5794 Duxiana – Spring 8″ Rs.20,748
FH-5795 Crescendo – Form (KING SIZE 8″) Rs.18,900
FH-5796 Alizeh – Form (KING SIZE) Rs.36,588
FH-5797 Alizeh Wonder – Spring (KING SIZE 10″) Rs.27,956
FH-5798 Alizeh Memory – Spring (KING SIZE 12″) Rs.96,000

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