Higer Bus Price in Pakistan 2023 [Latest Updated Price]

If you are looking for Higer Bus Price in Pakistan 2022, then you came to the right place. Here we will share the latest updated rates of Higer Bus in Pakistan.

Higer Bus Models & Price in Pakistan 2022

Higer Bus Models Price
Higer KLQ-6128 Price Pakistan PKR 30,000,000
Higer KLQ-6127 Price in Pakistan PKR 27,200,000
Higer Elegance KLQ-6121 Price in Pakistan PKR 15,000,000

Higer KLQ-6128 Bus Price and Specification in Pakistan

Here is the specification of the KLQ-6128 Bus in Pakistan;

 Price: PKR 30,000,000 

Model Types Specification
Wheelbase (mm) 6000
12000×2550×3800 mm
Front/rear wheel track (mm) 2054/1860
Front/rear overhang (mm) 2620/3380
Maximum speed (km/h) 120
Fuel tank capacity (L) 550
Seats 53+1+1
YC6L310-30 (310hp, China Ⅲ) + Qijiang S6-90 6-speed transmission
Qijiang G S6-150 gearbox/ Fastgear 6DS150T series 6-speed gearbox; WP10.336E40 (336hp, China Ⅳ) + Fastgear 6DS150T series 6-speed gearbox
430mm diaphragm spring clutch
Front axle
6.5T Disc-type front axle
Higer Bus Tyres 295/80R22.5
Air conditioner
Overhead non-independent air-conditioning
Artificial leather wear-resistant flooring

Higer KLQ-6127 Bus Price and Specification in Pakistan

Here is the specification detail of Higer KLQ6127 Bus Model;

 PKR 27,200,000 

Model Types Specification
Wheelbase (mm) 6150
12000×2550×3820 mm
Front/rear wheel track (mm) 2020/1860
Front/rear overhang (mm) 2450/3400
Maximum speed (km/h) 130
Fuel tank capacity (L) 400L
Seats Luxury Passenger Seats, High Backrest Driver Seat 48+1+1/44+1+1
6 Cylinder Direct Injection
Intercooler Turbocharged P11C-Uj, Emission Standard Euro 3
Torque 1460Nm/1200-1500RPM
Displacement 10500CC
Automatic Fire Extinguisher
ZF Over Drive Manual 6+1
Sachs Diagram Spring Clutch 430 mm
Front axle
Higer Bus Tyres 295/80R2 2.5 Tubeless Tyres
Air conditioner Higer TCR120 (32000kCal/h) + BOCK Compressor
Floor Luxury fire / Water Resistant Artificial Wooden Flooring


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