Iron Pipe Price in Pakistan 2023 | Iron Steel Pipes Rate List [UPDATED]

If you are looking for Iron Pipe Price in Pakistan 2023, then you came to the right webpage. Here we will share the latest updated rates of Iron Steel Pipes in Pakistan.

Iron Pipe Rate List in Pakistan 2023

A plumbing system cannot be completed without iron pipes, which come in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet the demands of a variety of applications.

In spite of their durability, iron pipes are susceptible to corrosion. In this regard, you should be aware of the current iron pipe prices in Pakistan so you can budget accordingly.

The price of iron pipe varies by type and supplier but typically ranges from Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 per foot. You can find the cheapest iron pipes in Pakistan by doing a little research and staying on top of your plumbing system.

There are several types of iron pipes available in Pakistan, and the table below shows the average prices of each type.

Ms Steel Pipe Price List 2023

Length of Steel Pipes Prices
1 Rs. 420
1-1/4 Rs. 540
1-1/2 Rs. 640
2 Rs. 840
2-1/2 Rs. 1,370
.3 Rs. 1,720
4 Rs. 2,370
5 Rs. 3,080
6 Rs. 4,025
8 Rs. 5,920
10 Rs. 8,570
12 Rs. 11,950
14 Rs. 12,550
16 Rs. 16,700

Iron Pipe Per KG Price in Pakistan

Here is the current price list of Iron steel pipe per kg in Pakistan;

Stainless Steel Types Weight Rates
Pipe Fittings MS, GI 1 KG Rs. 350
GI steel pipe 1 KG Rs. 370
GOAL PIPE 15/8 1 KG Rs. 290
Ms steel pipe 1 KG Rs. 35

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