Kannauj Attar Price List 2023 in INDIA

If you are looking for Kannauj Attar Price List 2023 in INDIA, then you came to the right website. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates of Kannauj Attar in India.

Original Kannauj Natural Attars Rate List in INDIA 2023

Here are the current prices of Kannauj Attar;

Kannauj Attar Catalogue
Mitti Attar (The Scent of Rain)
₹1,058.47 – ₹1,227.97
Rose Attar (Rose Damascena) ₹1,694.07
Ruh Khus Attar (Vetiver) ₹1,227.97
Shamama Attar by Kannauj Attar ₹1,227.97
Jasmine Attar – Kannauj ₹1,227.97
Kesar Chandan (Saffron-Sandal) Attar ₹422.88
White Oudh Attar ₹634.75
Sandalwood Attar (Chandan) – Kannauj Attar ₹1,609.32
Jannatul Firdaus Attar ₹677.12
Saffron Attar (Kashmir) ₹1,227.97
Blue Lotus Attar ₹1,016.10
Musk Amber Attar ₹1,016.10
Mukhallat Attar ₹719.49
Exotic Attars Gift Combo by Kannauj Attar (Set of 6) ₹1,694.07
Bakhoor Attar ₹719.49
Nargis Attar ₹999.15
Arabian Nights Attar – Long Lasting Concentrated Perfume Oil ₹380.51
Henna Attar (Mehandi Attar) ₹1,312.71
Kewra Attar (Pandanus) ₹1,227.97
Majmua Attar ₹1,016.10
Sultan by Kannauj Attar ₹338.14
Traditional Attar Perfume Gift Box ₹10,592.37
Marigold Attar (Gendha Attar) ₹922.88
Black Oud Attar ₹8,473.73
Dehn Al Oud Attar (Hindi Oudh) – Indian
₹677.12 – ₹1,821.19
Royal Touch – Long Lasting Attar Perfume for Special Occassions ₹507.63
Ramdan Kareem Special Attar Gift Set (5 Pcs of 5gms) for Men & Women ₹2,753.39

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