Macca Lab Multan Test Rates 2024 [Tests Price List]

If you are looking for Macca Lab Multan Test Rates 2024, then you have come to the right webpage. Here we will share the updated test rates of Macca Laboratory in Multan.

Macca Lab Tests Price List 2024

Here are the current charges of Lab tests in Macca Lab;

Test Name Price in Macca Lab
ABGs Test Rs. 500
ALT (SGPT) Test Rs. 90
Anti-ds DNA Test Rs. 3600
Anti-HAV IgG Test Rs. 1550
Anti-HAV IgM Test Rs. 600
Anti-HCV (Screening) Test Rs. 100
Calcium (Serum) Test Rs. 100
Bleeding time (BT) Test Rs. 50
Blood Group Test Rs. 60
Blood Group & Cross Match Test Rs. 300
CBC + ESR Test Rs. 190
CBC Test Rs. 170
CBC-Dengue Test Rs. 90
Cholestrol Test Rs. 100
Covid-19 PCR Test Rs. 3300
Dengue NS1 Antigen Test Rs. 500
ETT for Culture Test Rs. 500
HbA1C Test Rs. 450
Hemoglobin Test Rs. 70
ICT Malaria Test Rs. 150
Insulin Level Test Rs. 1950
Lipid Profile Test Rs. 400
Testosterone (Serum) Test Rs. 550
Widal Test Rs. 190
Vitamin B12 Test Rs. 800
Urine Complete Examination Test Rs. 80
Urinary Uric acid Test Rs. 250
Uric Acid (Serum) Test Rs. 110
TLC (WBC) Test Rs. 50
Zinc (Serum) Test Rs. 1900

Macca Lab X-RAY Charges List 2024

XRAY Type Price in Macca Lab
X-Ray Ankel Joint AP/Lat Rs. 300
X-Ray Barium Meal Rs. 900
Base of Skull Rs. 250
X-Ray Chest AP/Pa Rs. 300
X-Ray Chest for Ribs Rs. 300
X-Ray Finger Rs. 300
X-Ray Lumber Spine AP+Lat Rs. 325
X-Ray Pns Rs. 300
X-Ray Whole Spine Rs. 350

Macca Lab Multan Online Reports Check

If you want to check your Makkah Lab test report online, so follow the steps;

  1. Visit official website of the Macca Lab.
  2. Now Click on View Online Reports.
  3. After that, Type your Lab No. and Password, which is given by Macca Lab.
  4. Then finally click on View Report to see your Test report.

Macca Lab Multan Timings

Day Timings
Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Macca Lab Multan Contact Number

Here is the contact detail of Macca Lab in Multan city;

Address: MACCA Diagnostic Suite # 1, Mehar Centre, Nishtar Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 061-4589000

Whatsapp Number: 0302-4589000

Complaint Number: 0306-4589000

Official Website: Click Here

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