Monginis Cake Price List 2023 [INDIA]

If you are looking for Monginis Cake Price List 2023 in India, then you came to the right page. Here we will share with you the updated menu and price of Monginis Cake 1 KG & Half KG in India.

Monginis Cake Rate List 2023

Monginis brand is very popular in India because of its quality and test. Their bakery items are very tasty. Monginis bakery company sells cakes, chocolates, cookies, pastries, Swiss rolls, and confectionery items at very reasonable rates.

Monginis Cake Price List Half KG

Here are the updated prices of Monginis Cake Half KG in India;

Cakes Designer Cakes Half KG
Heart Frame Cake (Small) ₹550
Choco Pearl Caramel Cake ₹550
Black Forest Cake ₹360
Pineapple Cake ₹360
Dutch Chocolate ₹360
Alpine Chocolate ₹360
Hazelnut ₹360
Alpine Choco Rocks Cake (Half Kg) ₹550
Desginer Cake (Half Kg) ₹550
Zebra Torte Heart Cake (Half Kg) ₹550
Swan Couple Cake ₹550
Green Forest Cake ₹550
Choco Splash Cake ₹550
Golden Heart Cake ₹550
Red Velvet Cake ₹550
Gullivours Gold Cake ₹550
Royal Crown Cake ₹550

1 KG Monginis Cake Price

Here are the updated prices of Monginis 1 KG Cake in India;

Monginis Large Cakes 1 Kilo Gram
Stripy Cake Tall And Fancy ₹1440
Pinata ( Hammer ) Cake. (1 Kg) ₹1440
Pineapple Large (1 Kg) ₹720
Designer Cake (1 Kg) ₹933
Classic Pineapple (1 Kg) ₹780
Alpine Choco (1 Kg) ₹610
Dutch Choco (1 Kg) ₹611
Black Forest (1 Kg) ₹611
Chocolate Cake (2 Kg) ₹1500
Red Velvet Cake (1 Kg) ₹1000

Monginis Exotic Cake Prices

Monginis Exotic Cakes Flavors & Rate List
Devils Delight ₹450
Shimmer ₹450
Rainbow Cake (Small) ₹450
Midnight Delight ₹450
Dark Sensation ₹450
Butter Scotch Caramello ₹450
Black Forest Heart ₹450
Classic Pineapple Cake (Half Kg) ₹450
Dutch Chocolate Heart ₹450
Alpine Chocolate Heart ₹450
Blueberry Sapphire ₹450

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