Mughal Steel Price Per Ton Today in Pakistan

If you are looking for Mughal Steel Price per Ton Today in Pakistan 2023, then you came to the right webpage. Here we will share with you the updated rates of Mughal Supreme Steel Iron Bars in Pakistan.

Mughal Supreme Steel Bar Per Ton Prices in Pakistan 2023

Here are the current prices of Mughal Steel iron bars in Pakistan;

Steel Diy Size 60 GRADE 40 GRADE
3 Sooter Mughal Steel Bar 10mm Rs. 300,000 Rs. 298,000
4 Sooter Mughal Steel Bar 12mm Rs. 298,000 Rs. 296,000
5 Sooter Mughal Steel Saria 16mm Rs. 298,000 Rs. 296,000
6 Sooter Mughal Steel Saria 20mm Rs. 298,000 Rs. 296,000
7 Sooter Mughal Steel Saria 22mm Rs. 299,000 Rs. 296,000
8 Sooter Mughal Steel Saria 25mm Rs. 299,000 Rs. 296,000

Mughal Steel Price Today Per KG

Steel Diy Size 60 GRADE 40 GRADE
3 Sooter Mughal Steel Price 10mm Rs. 300 Rs. 298
4 Sooter Mughal Steel Price 12mm Rs. 298 Rs. 296
5 Sooter Mughal Steel Price 16mm Rs. 298 Rs. 296
6 Sooter Mughal Steel Price 20mm Rs. 298 Rs. 296
7 Sooter Mughal Steel Price 22mm Rs. 299 Rs. 296
8 Sooter Mughal Steel Price 25mm Rs. 296 Rs. 296

Pakistan Steel Melters Association (PSMA) currently sets the price of steel in Pakistan. PSMA regulates Pakistan’s steel industry as a nonprofit organization. Their job is to make sure everyone in the steel industry operates fairly and efficiently. Steel prices are determined by the PSMA in accordance with a number of factors, such as the price of raw materials, production costs, and market conditions on an international level.

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