Newage Cables Price List 2024 in Pakistan [Updated]

If you are looking for Newage Cables Price List 2024 in Pakistan, then you came to the right webpage. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates of Newage cables in the Pakistan.

Newage Cables Rate List 2024 in Pakistan

Here are the current prices of New age Cables and wires in Pakistan;

Newage Copper Wires Price List

Cable Size Rates
3/29 Rs. 6,945
7/29 Rs. 14,927

Newage Wiring Cables Prices in Pakistan 2024

Wire Size Price
1MM Rs. 5,181
1.5MM Rs. 7,761
1.5MM (STD) Rs. 8,233
2.5MM Rs. 11,930
2.5MM(STD) Rs. 13,644
4MM Rs. 19,451
6MM Rs. 28,537
10MM Rs. 49,545
16MM Rs. 75,495

Newage Telephone Cables Prices in Pakistan 2024

Telephone Cable Size Reg Un Reg
Telephone 1 Pair Rs. 3,991 Rs. 4,092
2 Pair Rs. 5,855 Rs. 6,004
3 Pair Rs. 8,308 Rs. 8,520
4 Pair Rs. 11,863 Rs. 12,167
5 Pair Rs. 13,063 Rs. 13,398

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