Surbex Z Price in Dubai UAE

If you want to know Surbex Z Price in Dubai, then you came to the right page. Here I will share with you Surbex Z Tablets Price in Dubai UAE and Pakistan.

Surbex Z is marketed by Famous Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd. It contains 30 tablets in a pack.

Benefits of Surbex Z Tablets

  • It makes up for the lack of D in the human body. The lack of a doctor can have a devastating effect on human health, just as the human condition is under attack. Because that’s enough to make a difference.
  • This SurbexZ pill is also very important for pregnant women as it does not contain it. Doctors also stop pregnant women.
  • This Tablet also plays an important role in weight. The system in it improves B3. With its continuous use, the human body develops better.
  • Surbex-Z Tablet is a very important tablet for hair and skin because skin and hair problems are caused by Vitamin B deficiency.
  • Surbex-Z Capsules are very beneficial for people who are losing their hair. By using it, hair loss stops.

Surbex Z Price in UAE

The Price of Surbex Z tablet in Dubai UAE is AED. NA

Surbex z Price in Pakistan

The Price of Abbott Surbex Z Tablets in Pakistan is Rs. 294.

Quantity Price
1 Bottle (30s) Rs. 294
1 Bottle (60s) Rs. 540

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