SYSKA Fan Price List 2023

If you are looking for Syska Fan Price List 2023, then you came to the right page. Here we will share with you the updated rates of Syska Fan in India.

SYSKA Fan Prices in India 2022 – 2023

Here are the current prices for Syska Fans;

SYSKA Ceiling Fan Prices

SYSKA Ceiling Fan Models Price
SYSKA Breeze 1200mm ₹12999
SYSKA Acrolite 1200mm ₹10999
HALITO SFP200 1200 mm ₹1499
SYSKA SFD600 APUS 1200mm ₹2399
SYSKA SFR 500 ₹3799
SYSKA Sparkle1200mm ₹11999
SYSKA Umber 1200mm ₹15999
SYSKA SFD600 APUS 1200mm ₹2399
Syska SFP 900 Silent Operation ₹1850

SYSKA Pedestal Fan Prices

SYSKA Pedestal Fan Models Price
Syska SFPF10 Impello 400mm 3399

SYSKA Table Fan Prices

SYSKA Table Fan Models Price
Syska SFTF10 BRISA 400mm 2399
Syska SFTF10-H BRISA-MAX 400mm 2245


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