1 Kg Chicken Price in Canada 2022

If you are looking for a 1 kg chicken price in Canada 2022, then you came to the right page. On this page, We are going to share with you Today chicken rate in Canada.

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Price of Chicken in Canada

The prices of whole halal chicken per pound in Canada are listed below;

Chicken Type Price
Whole Chicken (Approx 3-3.5lbs – gross) 12.99 $
BIG Whole Chicken (Approx 4-5lbs – gross) 13.99 $
Chicken drumsticks (gross weight) 3.29 $
Chicken leg & Thighs – Boneless, skinless 6.49 $
Chicken wings – Split (Per lb) 5.99 $
Ground Chicken 5.99 $
Chicken Boneless Breast 6.99 $
Chicken legs (per piece) 1.99 $

The cost of chicken in Canada on this page is written in dollars. You can convert it into a pound by using a google currency convertor.

The price of poultry in Canada is taken from TheHalalShop.ca & this chicken rate list online is updated on Tuesday 1 March 2022.

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