50 kg Sugar Price in Pakistan 2023 Today

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Sugar Rate in Pakistan 2023

Currently, the value of sugar is subject to change due to a variety of factors, such as global supply and demand conditions, local production costs, and current conditions in global trade. In the coming years, sugar prices are likely to fluctuate in Pakistan. According to current trends, however, sugar prices are expected to remain stable or even increase slightly by 2023 if current trends continue. A stable and secure market would be beneficial for both sugar producers and consumers.

Sugar Rate Per KG in Pakistan Today 2023

Here are the current prices of Sugar in Karachi, Sindh, Punjab, Kpk, and Balochistan;
Pakistani Provinces Sugar per KG Price
Sugar Rate in Punjab Rs. 90 to Rs. 120
Sugar Rate in Sindh Rs. 100 to Rs. 130
Sugar Rate in KPK Rs. 105 to Rs. 110
Sugar Rate in Balochistan Rs. 110 to Rs. 130

50 KG Sugar Bag Price in Pakistan 2023 

In the coming year, Pakistan’s sugar rate is expected to remain stable. However, international factors may cause some fluctuations in the price. Over the last five years, sugar prices in Pakistan have averaged around Rs. 150 per kilogram. There is a price range of Rs.6000 to 6500 for a 50KG sugar bag in Pakistan. As of 2023, sugar was selling at a rate of Rs. 100 per kg. In 2016, the sugar rate dropped to Rs. 35 per kg, the lowest rate ever recorded.

Weight Sugar 50 & 100 and 1 Kg Bag Price
Sugar 100 KG Bag Rate Rs. 9000 to Rs. 9500
Sugar 50 KG Bag Rate Rs. 6000 to Rs. 6500
Sugar 50 KG Bag Rate Rs. 600 to Rs. 750
Sugar 1KG Rate Rs. 110 to Rs. 130

China and India have been increasing their demand for sugar in the international market, which has resulted in a price hike in the sugar market internationally. As a result of the increase in international prices, the domestic price of sugar in Pakistan is likely to increase as well. Additionally, the government has been taking steps to improve the domestic sugar industry as well. Sugar mills are being provided with subsidies, and import tariffs on sugar are being increased as a result.

Sugar rates will likely increase in Pakistan as a result of increased demand for sugar. Due to large stocks of sugar in the country, the impact of rising sugar prices should be muted.

The sugar rate in Pakistan is expected to stay relatively flat. A minimum sugar price of Rs 150 per kilogram has been set by the Pakistani government, so prices are likely to stay steady for now. Depending on international market conditions, sugar prices could fluctuate over the longer term.


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