Brighto Paints Price List 2023 in Pakistan

If you are looking for Brighto Paints Price List 2023 in Pakistan, then you came to the right website. Here we will share with you the updated rates of Brighto paints and colors in Pakistan.

Brighto Paint Price in Pakistan Quarter, Gallon & Drum Size 2023

Here are the current prices of Brighto Paints, Distemper, wall putty, wood finishes & emulsions in Pakistan;

Bighto Paint Catalogue Weight Price
Brighto Stain Free 1 Ltr Rs.1,418
Plastic Emulsion 4 ltr Rs.3,500
Brighto Super Emulsion 0.91 Ltr Rs.491
Brighto Super Texture 6 Kg Rs.1,149
Sterling Gold 1 Ltr Quarter Rs.3,500
Sterling Silver 1 Ltr Quarter Rs.3,500
Velvet 0.91 Ltr Rs.5,500
Perlex Quarter Rs.5,000
Antiqua Polish Plaster 0.91 Ltr Rs.3,000
Brighto Perlata 1 Ltr Rs.5,500
Aroma Matt Finish ( Lead Free ) 3.64 Ltr Rs.4,740
Brighto Synthetic Enamel 1 Ltr Rs.897
All Wood Coat ( Matt and Gloss ) Gallon Rs.3,350
All Wood Lacqure ( Matt and Gloss ) Quarter Rs.1,255
Brighto Interior Primer 3.64 Ltr Rs.2,325
Brighto Red Oxide Primer Quarter Rs.685
Brighto Aluminium Finish Quarter Rs.1,055
Brighto Synthetic Clear Varnish 3 Ltr Rs.2,485
Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat Quarter Rs.809
Brighto Gray Oil Putty Ltr Rs.350
Brighto Wall Putty 20 Kg Rs.2,665
Brighto Wall Shield 4 Litre Rs.2,790
All Wood Thinner ( Matt and Gloss ) Quarter Rs.745
Brighto Super Filler 20 Kg Rs.3,320
Paint Remover 3 Litre Rs.1,260
Interior Filler 20 Kg Rs.4,850
Brighto Super Sealer 16 Litre Rs.14,055
Super Primer 3.64 Litre Rs.1,385
Brighto Wall Texture 16 Litre Rs.1,680

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