Concrete Block Price in Pakistan Today | Cement Block Price in Pakistan 2023

If you are looking for Concrete Block Price in Pakistan Today 2023, then you came to the right webpage. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates of cement concrete blocks in Pakistan.

Concrete Blocks Types & Rate List in Pakistan 2022

In Pakistan, the concrete block industry is growing at a rate of approximately 930 million dollars each year. The number of concrete blocks used for roadways and bridges is estimated to be 30 million. This is 16 percent of the total value of all concrete block production worldwide.

You can get concrete blocks in flat, round, plate, or tube shapes. It is not possible to use flat blocks in wall or beam construction. Hence, it is best suited to reinforcing roads, bridges, culverts, driveways, hoardings, and other similar structures.

Blocks come in round shapes and are used for floor concrete walls, ceiling concrete slabs, floor panel slabs, floor slabs, ceiling panel slabs, etc. Wood partitions, door frames, window frames, and so on are mostly replaced with plates (plates).

Here are the current prices of concrete cement bricks in Pakistan;

Size of block Quantity Price
A1 400 +200+200 mm Block Price 1 Block Rs. 70
A2 400+127+200 mm Block Rate 1 Block Rs. 65
A3 400+127+200 Block Cost 1 Block Rs. 62
A4 400+101.6+200 mm Block Prices 1 Block Rs. 35
A5 400+76.2+200 Block Rates 1 Block Rs. 30
A6 400+50.5+200 Price of Block 1 Block Rs. 24

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