Exide Battery Price List 2024 in Pakistan

If you are looking for Exide battery price list 2024 in Pakistan, then you came to the right place. Here we will share with you Exide Batteries types with a price.

Exide is a leading lead-acid manufacturing company in Pakistan. They are making many types and capacities of batteries which are available from their dealers and suppliers in every city in Pakistan.

Exide Battery Rate List 2024 in Pakistan

Here is the rate list of Exide Battery in Pakistan;

Maintenance Free Batteries Prices

Battery Type Price
MF 40 Rs. 8,200
MF 55L Rs. 12,900
MF 65L Rs. 15,300
MF 75L Rs. 16,500
MF 95L Rs. 23,300
MF 110 Rs. 24,300
MF 115 Rs. 27,500
MF DIN 55 Rs. 22,400
MF DIN 66 Rs. 25,600

Exide Tubular Batteries Price in Pakistan

Battery Model Price
TR 1500 Rs. 45,229
TR 1800 Rs. 54,162
TR 2000 Rs. 61,041
TR 2500 Rs. 69,962
TR 3000 Rs. 72,511
TR 3500 Rs. 82,718

Exide Motorcycle Battery Price in Pakistan

Here is the rate list of the best Exide Battery for Bike in Pakistan 2024.

Battery Model Price
Exide 15SB130 (Gold Series) Rs. 8,600 Approx.
Exide 21SB190 (Gold Series) Rs. 11,500 Approx.
Exide 27SB240 (Gold Series) Rs. 17,000 Approx.
Exide 25SB220 (Gold Series) Rs. 14,900 Approx.
Exide NS40 12 Volts 7 Plates Rs. 2,800 Approx.
Exide NS46 L 9 Plates Rs. 3,400 Approx.
Exide NS46 9 Plates Rs. 3,400 Approx.
Exide CNG50L Rs. 3,800 Approx.
Exide NS52ZL 11 Plates Rs. 4,200 Approx.
Exide CNG65L Rs. 4,700 Approx.

Last Update:  20 April 2024

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