AGS Battery Price List 2022 in Pakistan [UPDATED]

If you are looking for AGS Battery Price List 2022 in Pakistan, then you came to the right place. Here we will share the updated rates of AGS Battery in Pakistan.

AGS Battery Price in Pakistan 2022

Here are the current prices of AGS batteries in Pakistan;

AGS Battery Model Rate ListU
Ags Cgr-40 24AH Tubular Battery Rs.5,800
Ags Gr-46 30AH Tubular Battery Rs.6,960
Ags Gr-48 35AH Tubular Battery Rs.7,660
Ags Gx-200R 175AH 27PL Tubular Battery Rs.40,000
Ags Gx-260R 220AH 33PL Lead Acid Battery Rs.43,480
Ags Mf-46L 9PL 30AH Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery Rs.9,020
Ags Mf-50L 11PL 38AH Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery Rs.9,110
Ags Mf-65L 13PL 45AH Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery Rs.11,890
Ags Sp-100R 11PL 60AH Lead Acid Battery Rs.1,140
Ags Sp-130 15PL 85AH Lead Acid Battery Rs.17,230
Ags Sp-140 17PL 100AH Lead Acid Battery Rs.23,520
Ags Sp-145 17PL 100AH Lead Acid Battery Rs.19,480
Ags Sp-150 19PL 105AH Lead Acid Battery Rs.19,990
Ags Sp-1800 7PL 140AH Tall Tubular Battery Rs.33,600
Ags Sp-2000 9PL 180AH Tall Tubular Battery Rs.40,320
Ags Sp-2500 11PL 210AH Tall Tubular Battery Rs.47,040
Ags 6ft120 12V Medium Battery Rs.17,160
Ags 195g51f 12V Heavy Battery Rs.37,350
Ags 80d26r 12V Light Battery Rs.10,570
Ags CGR30 12V Light Battery Rs.47,040
Ags CNG60 12V Light Battery Rs.9,330
Ags Gl-190 12V Heavy Battery Rs.28,800
Ags Gr-100 12V Medium Battery Rs.18,000
Ags Gr-87 12V Medium Battery Rs.11,210
Ags Gx-165 12V 120AH 21 Plates Heavy Battery Rs.26,320
Ags Gx-175 12V 140AH 23 Plates Heavy Battery Rs.28,560
Ags gx200f 12V Heavy Battery Rs.36,000

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