Fujika Battery Price List 2023 in Pakistan [UPDATED]

If you are looking for Fujika Battery Price List 2023 in Pakistan, then you came to the right website. Here we will share the latest updated rates of Fujika Batteries in Pakistan.

Fujika Battery Price in Pakistan 2022 – 2023 | Rate List

Here are the current prices of Fujika Batteries;

Fujika Maintenance Free Batteriers

Maintenance Free Batteries Model Price
FJ GEN 50 MF Rs.4,592 PKR
FJ55L MF Rs.7,166 PKR
FJ55R MF Rs.7,166 PKR
FJ60L MF Rs.8,073 PKR
FJ60R MF Rs.8,073 PKR
FJ65 MF Rs.8.717 PKR
FJ 72L/R MF Rs.9,477 PKR
FJ 80L/R MF Rs.11,115 PKR
FJ 100L/R MF Rs.12,636 PKR
FJ 110L/R MF Rs.14,274 PKR
FJDIN 55 MF Rs.13,455 PKR
FJDIN 66 MF Rs.16,680 PKR
FJDIN 88 MF Rs.21,066 PKR
FJ TL 1000 Rs.20,475 PKR
FJ TL 1200 Rs.29,250 PKR
FJ TL 1500 Rs.26.325 PKR
FJ TL 1600 Rs.31,590 PKR
FJ TL 1800 Rs.31,590 PKR
FJ TL 2500 Rs.40,950 PKR
FJ TL 3000 Rs.50,310 PKR

Heavy Range Batteries Prices 2023

Heavy Range Battery Models Price
FJ 175 Rs.19,540 PKR
FJ 180 Rs.20,700 PKR
FJ 195 Rs.22,113 PKR
FJ 200 Rs.22,464 PKR
FJ 210 Rs.25,272 PKR
FJ 250 Rs.28,841 PKR
FJ 260 Rs.29,075 PKR
FJ 265 Rs.29,601 PKR

Low Range Batteries Prices 2023

Low Range Battery Models Price
FJ 50/L Rs.6,494 PKR
FJ CR 65/L Rs.7,547 PKR
FJ 70/L Rs.8,044 PKR
FJ 75 Rs.8,570 PKR
FJ 85Z/ZL Rs.9,629 PKR
FJ 95L Rs.11,1448 PKR

Medium Range Batteries Prices 2023

Medium Range Battery Models Price
FJ 100A Rs.10,448 PKR
FJ 105Z/ZL Rs.12,039 PKR
FJ 110Z/ZL Rs.13,221 PKR
FJ 125 Rs.15,000 PKR
FJ 135 Rs.16000 PKR
FJ 140 Rs.17,199 PKR
FJ 150 Rs.17,960 PKR

Fujika Solar Range Batteries Prices 2023

Solar Batteries Models Price
FJ Solar 50 Rs.4,154 PKR
FJ Solar 55 Rs.5,394 PKR
FJ Solar 60 Rs.6,394 PKR
FJ Solar 90 Rs.8,570 PKR
FJ Solar 100 Rs.9,594 PKR
FJ Solar 110 Rs10,448 PKR

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