FMC Products Price List in Pakistan 2023

If you are looking for FMC products Price List in Pakistan 2023, then you came to the right website. Here we will share with you the latest updated rate list of FMC products in Pakistan.

FMC Products Rate List in Pakistan 2023

FMC Pakistan Agriculture Services Company is one of the most famous companies in the world. It ranks first among crop protection companies in Pakistan while it ranks fifth in the world. More than 100 products of this company are currently in the market which is on the hot-selling list due to their quality.

In today’s post, we are going to share with you the latest prices of FMC products in Pakistan;

FMC Fertilizers Price List in Pakistan 2023

FMC Fertilizers Prices in Pakistan

FMC Fertilizers Products Weight Price
Growphos 25 KG Rs. 8000
Ammonium Sulphate 50 KG Rs. 3190
Amino-X 400 ML Rs. 975
Porous 0-0-3.5+10% 4 Litre Rs. 2850
Katalyst 1 Litre Rs. 1375
Structure,6-23-1 5 Litre Rs. 3275
Zincstar 33G 3 KG Rs. 1850
Zincstar 27G 3 KG Rs. 1795

FMC Insecticides Price List in Pakistan 2023

FMC Insecticides Prices in Pakistan

FMC Insecticides Products Weight Price
Coragen 20SC 50 ML Rs. 1100
FERTERRA 0.4G 4 KG Rs. 1380

FMC Herbicides Price List in Pakistan 2023

FMC Herbicides Prices in Pakistan

FMC Herbicides Products Weight Price
PallasĀ® 150 ML Rs. 1795
Starane-M 375 ML Rs. 1275
CONNECT 48%SC 1 Litre Rs. 2700
Stomp 455CS 1 Litre Rs. 1875

FMC Fungicides Price List in Pakistan 2023

FMC Fungicides Prices in Pakistan

FMC Fungicides Products Weight Price
Cabrio Top 60WDG 1 KG Rs. 3990
Acrobat MZ 90/600 WP 1 KG Rs. 3990
Equal™ 150 ML Rs. 1350
Pristine 300 GM Rs. 2900
Rovral 500SC 200 ML Rs. 980
Kocide 3000 500 GM Rs. 1550

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