IFFCO Fertilizer Price List 2023 [INDIA] Rates Today

If you are looking for IFFCO Fertilizer Price List 2022 in India, then you came to the right place. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates of IFFCO Fertilizers in India.

IFFCO Fertilizer Rate List 2022 – 2023

Here are the current prices of IFFCO Fertilisers in India;

IFFCO Primary Nutrients Products Prices

Primary Nutrients Weight Prices
IFFCO NP(S) 20-20-0-13 50 Kg ₹650
DAP 18-46-0 50 Kg ₹1200
Neem Coated Urea (N) NA NA
NPK 10-26-26 50 Kg ₹1110
NPK 12-32-16 50 Kg ₹667

IFFCO Secondary Nutrients Products Prices

Secondary Nutrients Weight Prices
Sulphur Bentonite NA NA
Magnesium Sulphate NA NA

IFFCO Water Soluble Fertilisers Products Prices

Water Soluble Fertilizers Weight Prices
Calcium Nitrate NA NA
Urea Phosphate (17:44:0) NA NA
M.A.P. (12:61:0) NA NA
M.K.P. (0:52:34) 1 KG ₹290
Potassium Nitrate (13:0:45) NA NA
S.O.P. (0:0:50) NA NA
N.P.K. 19:19:19 NA NA
Urea Phosphate with S.O.P. (18:18:18 and 6.1% S) NA NA

IFFCO Organic & Bio-Fertilisers Prices

Organic & Bio-Fertilisers Weight Prices
Plant Growth Promoter – Sagarika Liquid NA NA
Plant Growth Promoter – Sagarika Granular NA NA
Rhizobium NA NA
Azotobacter NA NA
Potassium Mobilizing BioFertiliser (KMB) NA NA
Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria NA NA
Liquid Consortia (N.P.K) NA NA
Azospirillum NA NA
Acetobacter NA NA
Phosphate Solubalizing Bacteria NA NA

IFFCO Micronutrients Products Prices

Micronutrients Products Weight Prices
Boron 20% NA NA
Boron 14.5% NA NA
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 33% NA

IFFCO Nano Fertilisers Prices

Nano Fertilizers Products Weight Prices
Nano Urea (Liquid) Fertilizer 500 ML ₹240

Note: Some IFFCO fertilizers rates are not available yet. So for confirm rates Please visit your nearest fertilizer store.

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