Sarhad University Peshawar Fee Structure 2023 [UPDATED]

If you are looking for Sarhad University Peshawar Fee Structure 2023, then you came to the right webpage. Here we will share the latest updated Fees of Sarhad University in Peshawar.

SUIT Fee Structure & Admission of Sarhad University Peshawar in 2023

The current tuition rates for undergraduate and graduate programs at Peshawar Sarhad University are listed below;

Program Name Fee / Semester Duration Overall Degree Fee
Civil Engineering Fee Rs. 176,000 4 Year Rs. 1418,000
Electrical Engineering Fee Rs. 162,000 4 Year Rs. 1320,500
Mechanical Engineering Fee Rs. 159,500 4 Year Rs. 1319,000
Computer Science or IT Fee Rs. 80,000 4 Year Rs. 646,500
Chemistry Fee Rs. 64,000 4 Year Rs. 528,000
Math Fee Rs. 27,000 4 Year Rs. 225,100
Pharmacy (Pharm D) Fee Rs. 130,000 5 Year Rs. 1320,000
Biotechnology Fee Rs. 67,000 4 Year Rs. 546,000
Nursing Program Fee Rs. 106,000 4 Year Rs. 855,400
BBA Program Fee Rs. 58,000 4 Year Rs. 488,000

Last Date of Admission:

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