Syngenta Seeds Price List 2023

If you are looking for Syngenta Seeds Price List 2023, then you came to the right page. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates of Syngenta seeds in India.

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Syngenta Seeds Rate List 2023

Here are the current prices of Syngenta Seeds in India 2021-22;

Syngenta Seeds Catalogue Code Quantity Price
Syngenta Hot Pepper Seeds HPH-2043 1500 Seeds ₹810
Syngenta Tomato Seeds Abhinav 3500 Seeds ₹1200
Syngenta Bitter Gourd Asmita 50 Gm ₹545
Syngenta Tomato Hybrid Ayaan TO 7042 3500 Seeds ₹690
Syngenta Cabbage Hybrid BC 76 2000 Seeds ₹180
Syngenta Cabbage Seeds BC 90 2000 Seeds ₹260
Syngenta Yard Long Bean YB-7 500 gm ₹540
Syngenta Bitter Gourd Seeds BGH 106 50 gm ₹435
Syngenta Cauliflower Seeds C 6041 2000 Seeds ₹290
Syngenta Cabbage Royal Star BC 86 2000 Seeds ₹205
Syngenta Carrot Seeds Champion 100 gm ₹2460
Syngenta Tomato Seeds Hard Rock TO-8011 3500 Seeds ₹920
Tomatoes Seeds Heem Sohna Tomato 3500 Seeds ₹710
Tomato Hybrid Heemraj Seeds TO-II4705 3500 Seeds ₹1030
Syngenta Indra Capsicum Seeds Indra 1500 Seeds ₹1620
Watermelon Hybrid Seeds Jumbo Queen 50 gm ₹1140
Cucumber Hybrid Seeds Kafka 1000 Seeds ₹5100
Sweet Corn Seeds Sugar-75 1 KG ₹2580
Syngenta Radish Seeds Ivory White 250 Gm ₹480

Disclaimer Note: We try our best to update prices daily. All prices are based on market prices, which may differ from invoice prices and company rates. The website does not sell Syngenta Seeds, rather we just provide information regarding prices. So you will have to buy Syngenta Fruit & Vegetable Seeds from the local market. If you are from a respective company or wish for us to update these prices. You can Contact Us through our contact page.

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