Hajj Price in Pakistan 2023 [Government & Private Packages]

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Hajj 2023 Packages Pakistan Government Price

Government Hajj scheme prices vary according to the city. A Hajj package without Qurbani costs Rs. 745,967 in Karachi, Quetta, and Sukkur, while a package with Qurbani costs Rs. 791,337. An additional Rs. 3,100 is required if pilgrims wish to bring their infants.

It is estimated that Hajj prices for Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Faisalabad, and Sialkot will be Rs. 755,017 with Qurbani, Rs. 800,387 without Qurbani, and an additional Rs. 4,000 if pilgrims have an infant with them.

It is important to note that the prices are exclusive of the token money of Rs. 50,000.

Hajj 2023 Packages/Prices List

Excluding Token Amount PKR 50,000

Name of Cities Without Qurbani Price With Qurbani Price Infant Amount
Karachi/ Quetta/ Sukkur Rs. 745,967 Rs. 791,337 Rs. 3100
Isd/ Lhr/ Pew/ Mul/ Ryk/ Fsd /Skt Rs. 755,017 Rs. 800,387 Rs. 4000


Govt Hajj Package Price in PKR Expected 9 lac 49 thousand Rupees

Hajj Price in Pakistan Government and Private Packages Hajj Policy Subsidy Sponsorship Program Last Date of Apply

Cheap Hajj Packages 2023 from Pakistan

Saudi Arabia has issued the Hajj quota for the year 2022. Muslims and non-Muslims from all over the world will perform the Hajj this year. Muslims from all Muslim countries are allowed to perform the Hajj in certain numbers. There are 57,585 Hajj quotas in Bangladesh, 43,008 in Nigeria, 13,582 in Afghanistan, and 37,770 in Turkey. The United States has 9,504, France has 9,268 and the United Kingdom has 12,348.

10 Day Hajj Package 2023

At a meeting held by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the airline discussed Hajj operations, religious pilgrimages, and domestic and foreign tourism promotion, as well as plans to increase its workforce. During the meeting, Khawaja Saad Rafique provided an overview of the proceedings. PIA reports that the Hajj operation starts May 31 and will run from eight cities across Pakistan. It includes Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, Peshawar, and Quetta.

Hajj 2023 Packages Pakistan Private Price

If you were searching for “Private Hajj Package 2022 Pakistan Price”, you have come to the right place. During this month, Muslims from all over the world travel to Makah Mukarama to perform the Hajj. Among the Five Pillars of Islam, Hajj is one of the most important pilgrimages. Every year, Pakistan develops a new Hajj policy. The Saudi Arabian government helps formulate the strategy. The number of Pakistanis selected for Hajj 2022 is estimated to be 81,132. Applicants from every region of the country were invited to apply.

Hajj 2023 Packages Pakistan Islamabad

On Monday, the Ministry of Religious Affairs presented the Hajj strategy to the federal cabinet. As per the policy, Pakistani pilgrims are required to pay Rs850,000 in order to take part in the holy pilgrimage. A total of 81,132 Pakistanis will make the pilgrimage to Mecca to fulfill a religious obligation this year. In a government-sponsored program, 32,453 Pakistanis will perform the Hajj, while 48,679 Pakistanis will perform it on their own.

Hajj 2023 Packages Pakistan Lahore

Banks received a total of 43 and 554 applications during the last four days of the year. Comparatively, 81,132 pilgrims have been allocated for the entire 2022 pilgrim quota. It will not be possible to extend the deadline of May 13 due to the limited number of participants. The Ministry of Religious Affairs reports that only forty percent of pilgrims will receive financial support from the government in order to perform the Hajj, while sixty percent are expected to pay for their own journey. In order to verify their papers, applicants should use the company website.

Hajj 2023 Packages Pakistan Karachi

Several media sources estimate that the government will pay up to 1 million rupees for the Hajj. In comparison to the previous cost of 0.7 million rupees which was stated earlier this year, this is an increase of up to 42.85 percent. Compared with the price of Hajj the previous year, it was less than five lac rupees. According to a revelation made by an official working for the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the number of applications for Hajj that have been received this year is much lower than in previous years.


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