Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan 2023 [UPDATED LIST]

If you are looking for Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan List 2023, then you came to the right page. Here we will share the latest updated rates of Dunlop Tyres in Pakistan.

Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan 2023

In Pakistan and across the globe, Dunlop is a popular tyre brand. There is a wide range of tyres available from the company for different types of vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, as well as buses. The quality, durability, and performance of Dunlop tyres have made them famous throughout the world for many years.

List of Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan 2023

We start our list with the Dunlop SP 175 70r13. It’s a high-performance tyre that’s designed for those looking for the best possible grip and handling in a tyre of this type. This tyre is available in a wide range of sizes, and the price per tyre is Rs. 11,000, which makes it one of the most affordable in its category.

A Dunlop 185 65r15 may be a better option if you are looking for something that is more affordable. You can get this tyre for just Rs. 11000, and it’s designed for comfort and fuel efficiency.

Lastly, we have the Dunlop SP 195/65 A/S. There is no doubt that this is a premium tyre that provides unmatched grip and handling. There are several sizes available, and each tyre costs Rs. 15,000.

Dunlop Tyre Rate in Pakistan 2023

Dunlop Tyre Size and Model Rate
205-65-R15 Tyre Price in Pakistan Rs.17500
195-65-R15 Tyre Price in Pakistan Rs.15000
185-70-R14 Tyre Price in Pakistan Rs.13500
185-70-R13 Tyre Price in Pakistan Rs.11500
155-70-R12 Tyre Price in Pakistan Rs. 8600
145-70-R12 Tyre Price in Pakistan Rs. 7600

Dunlop Tyres 195/65 r15 Rate in Pakistan 2023

In Pakistan, the Dunlop 195/65 r15 tyre is one of the most popular tyres. There is a wide variety of sizes and specifications available to suit different types of vehicles. A high-quality rubber compound is used in the construction of these tyres and the tires are designed to provide excellent grip and traction on a variety of surfaces. It is estimated that the Dunlop 195/65 r15 tyres cost Rs.15,000 per tyre in Pakistan. The price of a tyre may vary depending on its size and specification.

Dunlop Tyres 185 65r15 Rate in Pakistan 2023

You can buy Dunlop 185 65r15 tyres in Pakistan for as low as Rs.13,000 each. The tyres have excellent traction and grip on all surfaces.

Their long-lasting performance and durability make them popular as well. It is therefore recommended that you purchase Dunlop tyres 185 65r15 if you are looking for a good quality tyre.

As compared to other brands, Dunlop Tyres prices in Pakistan are really competitive. As a result of their good grip, Dunlop tyres are ideal for Pakistani roads and weather conditions. Additionally, Dunlop offers a warranty of up to 50,000 kilometers, so that customers can drive with complete confidence.

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