Lal Qila Restaurant Dubai Buffet Prices [Complete Menu]

If you are looking for Lal Qila Restaurant Dubai Buffet Prices 2022, then you came to the right page. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates list of the Lal Qila Dubai buffet menu.

Lal Qila Dubai Menu with Prices

Here are the current prices of Lal Qila Dubai Hotel;

Lal Qil Marked Deals

Deal Menu Price
Family Re-Union Deal [serve 5 to 6] AED 175.00
Friendly Meal [Serve 2-3] AED 79.00

Lal Qil Platter Meals

Platter Menu Price
Special BBQ Platter [serve 5-6] AED 149.00
BBQ Fit for 4 Platter [serve 3-4] AED 89.00
Kebab Platter with Rice AED 28.00
Mix Grill Platter with Rice AED 00.00

Lal Qil Economy Meals

Deal Economy Menu Price
Deal 1 Chicken tikka boti [4 pieces]+mutton kabab [2 pieces]+chicken kabab [2 pieces]+roghni naan [2 pieces]+fresh green salad [1 bowl]+imli sauce [1 bowl]+soft beverage [300 ml] [subject to availability] AED 35.00
Deal 2

Chicken tikka boti [4 pieces]+Mutton kunna paya [200 grams]+ mutton daleem [200 grams]+ chicken masala biryani [400 grams]+ roghni nan [2 pieces]+ fresh green salad [1 bowl]+raita [1 bowl]+imli sauce [1 bowl]+soft beverages[300 ml] [Subject to availability]

AED 50.00
Deal 3

Chicken masala biryani [400 grams]+shahi kheer [100 grams]+ raita [1 bowl]+ fresh green salad [1 bowl]+ soft beverages[300 ml] [Subject to availability]

AED 25.00
Deal 4

shahi mutton karahi [200 grams]+shahi chicken karahi [200 grams]+roghni nan [2 pieces]+fresh green salad [1 bowl]+soft beverages[300 ml] [Subject to availability]

AED 35.00

Lal Qil Combos Meal

Combos Menu Price
Meat Curry Combo
AED 33.00
Shahi Biryani Combo
AED 33.00
Chicken BBQ Combo
AED 30.00
Mutton Kebab Combo
AED 38.00
Asian Fish Combo
AED 30.00
Chinese Combo
AED 27.00
Vegetarian Combo
AED 25.00
Halwa Puri Combo
AED 20.00

Lal Qil Starters Meal Package

Starters Menu Price
Chicken Reshmi Kabab
AED 33.00
Mutton Seekh Kabab
AED 35.00
Chicken Tikka
AED 35.00
Green Fish Tikka
AED 35.00
Fried Prawns
AED 48.00
Fried Quails [Batair]
AED 48.00

Lal Qil Asian Delights Meal

Asian Delights Menu Price
Mutton Kunna Paya
AED 38.00
Shahi Haleem
AED 32.00
Meat Curry
AED 30.00
Chicken Shahi Biryani
AED 32.00
Mutton Shahi Biryani
AED 40.00

Lal Qil Vegetarian Delights Meal

Vegetarian Delights Menu Price
Vegetable Curry
AED 20.00
Daal of the Day
AED 20.00
Vegetable Chowmein
AED 21.00
Sarson ka Saag
AED 30.00

Lal Qil Bread

Bread Menu Price
Roghni Naan
AED 5.00
Tandoori Roti
AED 3.00
Makai Ki Roti
AED 8.00
AED 6.00
Stuffed Naan
AED 12.00
AED 4.00

Lal Qil Restaurant Dessert

Desserts Menu Price
Shahi Kheer
AED 20.00
Gulab Jaman
AED 15.00
Suji Ka Halwa
AED 18.00

Lal Qil Beverages

Beverages Menu Price
Fresh Juice
AED 20.00
Qila Special
AED 20.00
Dil Ki Thandak [Lassi]
AED 20.00
Cold Drink Cane
AED 8.00

Note: All prices are subject to VAT.

Lal Qila Dubai Contact Number & Address

If you have any questions related to Lal Qil Restaurant Dubai, then contact at the following phone numbers.

Address: Villa B-13 Marina Village, Behind Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi.

Phone: 02-6329229 | 055-1055619

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