Metro Cash and Carry Price List 2022

If you are looking for metro cash and carry price list 2022, then you came to the right page. If you want to buy goods from Metro Cash & Carry, you must first check the updated price list of Metro Supermarket.

Metro Cash and Carry Rate List 2022

Here is the Metro Products Price List in Pakistan 2022;

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Name of Item Price
Fine Life Baisan 1 KG Rs. 225
OK White Chana Small 1 KG Rs. 235
Metro Chef Daal Masor Washed 1 KG Rs. 325
OK Daal Chana 1 KG Rs. 199
Metro Chef Masoor Whole 1 KG Rs. 300
Metro Chef White Lobia 1 KG Rs. 319
Desi Ghee Tin Pak 1 KG Rs. 1075
Kisan Canola Oil 1Lx5 Rs. 2275
Dalda Banaspati Ghee 5 KG Rs. 2185
Dalda Cooking Oil 1Lx5 Rs. 2321
Sufi Canola Oil 1 LTR x 5 Rs. 2257
Habib Banaspati Ghee 1 KG Rs. 445

Metro Electronics Prices 2022

Here is the rate list of Electronic Items of Metro Supermarket;

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Name of Item Price
Kenwood Washing Machine 8Kg 899W Rs. 14900
Haier Twin Tub 7 KG (75AS) Rs. 20801
Orient Washing Machine Twister 9050 – 8Kg Rs. 36900
Dawlance Spinner 8 KG 6000 Clear Lid Rs. 12490
Samsung Washing Machine Top Load 13KG WA13T5260 Rs. 103000
Super Asia Washing Machine Twin 8Kg SA244 Rs. 23000
Philips Meat Mincer HR2710/10 Rs. 12500
Enviro Juicer Blender 3In1 178/301 X1 Rs. 4490
Westpoint Food Processor 9209 Rs. 10864
Panasonic Juicer 3-In-1 (176P) Rs. 19990
Gree Refrigerator 18CFT GD 489L E9978G3D Rs. 90800
Orient Refrigerator 14.5 Cft 410H-Gd Rs. 56900
Kenwood Refrigerator 13 CFT Persona Plus GD Rs. 61900
Dawlance Refrigerator 9173 WB Avante+ Rs. 64190
Dawlance Refrigerator 9173 WB Avante+ Rs. 72400
Orient Water Dispenser ICON 3 3x Taps/531 Rs. 21900
Homage Water Dispenser 3 Taps with Fridge Rs. 20900
Dawlance Water Dispenser 1060 Rs. 22901
Canon Elec Coolers 2 Tap DWC 35L Rs. 45801
Hyundai T1 Portable Generator 6250 5.5KVA Rs. 177900
Yamaha Gasoline Generator 2KW EF2600 Rs. 45699
Ups Homage 1800W Vertex 2414Sc Rs. 28300
Orient AC Inverter Ultron Hot & Cool 1.5Ton Rs. 109900
HAIER AC 1.5Ton Inverter 18HFAA/A Rs. 101001

Metro Cash and Carry Helpline Number

If you have any question related to Metro Cash & Carry Supermarket, so call helpline number.

(042) 111-0-METRO

(042) 111-0-63876

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