Mio Amore Cake Price List 2023 [INDIA]

If you are looking for Mio Amore Cake Price List 2023, then you came to the right place. Here we will share with you the latest updated menu and rates of Mio Amore Cakes in India.

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Mio Amore Cake Rate List 2023

Here are the current prices of Mio Amore Cakes in India;

Cake Flavor Weight Price
Baby Lion King Cake  500 gms ₹450
Strawberry Round Cake  500 gms ₹320
Black Forest Round Cake  500 gms ₹430
Choco Blossom Cake   500 gms ₹475
Rich Dutch Chocolate Cake  300 gms ₹220
Choco Rosalia Cake  500 gms ₹495
Choco Feather Cake (500 Gms)  500 gms ₹335
Mango Samoa Cake  500 gms ₹250
Chocolate Round Large Cake (1kg) 1 KG ₹650
Butterscotch Round Small  500 gms ₹350
Choco Espresso Cake  500 gms ₹400
Dual Forest Heart Large Cake 1 KG ₹880
Chocolate Heart Cake  500 gms ₹375

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