Natasha Skin Care Price List Jakarta [UPDATED]

If you are looking for Natasha Skin Care Price List 2022, then you came to the right webpage. Here we will share the latest updated rates of Natasha Skincare Products in Jakarta Indonesia.

Natasha Skin Care Rate List Jakarta

The owner of Natasha skin care is Dr. Fredi Setyawan and Drg. Tantri Onny Bianti. On this page, you can see the prices of Natasha Skin care products in Indonesia;

Natasha Women Products Prices

Women Products Catalog Price
Brightening Day Cream Plus Rp 80
Gentle Foam Facial Wash Rp 85
Hydrochem G-PE Masker Rp 40
Lightening Night Cream 20 gram Rp 100
L22 Lightening Oil Serum Rp 220
Skin Calming Complex Rp 85
Natasha Sunblock Rp 150
Smoothing Bright Day Cream Rp 75
Smoothing Moist Day Cream Rp 95
Almond Brightening Day Serum Rp 205
Beet Root Lightening Extra Cream Rp 85
Blackhead Mask Rp 105
Brightening Antioxidant Cream Rp 160
Brightening Antioxidant Serum Rp 215
Brightening Feminine Hygiene Rp 50
C Moist NF Cream Rp 135

Natasha Men’s Products Prices

Men’s Products Catalog Price
Men’s Balancing Skin Toner Rp 60
Men’s Facial Wash Rp 80
Men’s Oil Control Serum Rp 165
Men’s Refreshing & Moisture Gel 30 gr Rp 155
Men’s Sunscreen Gel Cream Rp 60

Natasha Makeup Products Prices

Makeup Kit Catalogue Price
24-Hour Eyebrow Pen Dark Brown Rp 80
24-Hour Eyebrow Pen Grey Rp 80
Auto Pencil Liner Bronze Glamour Rp 80
Auto Pencil Liner Eye Dark Chocolate Rp 80
Beauty Sponge Rp 50
Blending Sponge Rp 50
Dual Eye Shadow Brown Rp 150
Dual Lip #01 Dark Red Pink Rp 155
Eco Black Mascara Rp 120
Extra Moisturizing Cherry Lip Care Rp 95
Lip Crayon 02 Orange Rp 90
Lip Matte #05 Fuchsia Purple Rp 100
Ultra Define Blush On 01 Rp 100
Moisturizing Micellar Water Rp 40
Smart Cover CC Cushion Natural Rp 150
Water Bomb Liner Remover Rp 80

Natasha Hair Care Products Prices

Natasha Hair Care Catalogue Price
Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Rp 100
Natural Color Protection Shampoo Rp 65
Anti Dandruff Nourishing Shampo Rp 100
Anti Dandruff Serum Rp 150
Anti Dandruff Serum 30 gram Rp 90
Hair Conditioner Rp 45
Hair Growth Serum 30 gram Rp 90
Hair Mask Vitamin Rp 60
Natural Colour Protection Serum Rp 125
Natural Colour Protection Serum 30 gram Rp 65
Anti Hairloss Package Rp 150

Natasha Healthy Drinks Rates

Healthy Drinks Catalogue Price
Gluta White Rp 60
Green Coffee Slim Rp 60
Rejuve SC Rp 60

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