Islamabad Diagnostic Center IDC Test Rate List 2024 [Catalogue]

If you are looking for Islamabad Diagnostic Center IDC Test Rate List 2024, then you have come to the right webpage. Here we will share the updated test rates of IDC Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

Idc Test Rates 2024 Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Here are the complete test list of IDC Islamabad with Prices;

IDC Lab Blood Test Rates List 2024

Test Name Price in IDC
LFT Test Rs. 2100
RFT Test Rs. 2100
CBC Test Rs. 1050
Blood CP Test Rs. 1050
NCS Test Rs. 7700
Vitamin D Test Rs. 3900
HB Electrophoresis Test Rs. 3500
Echo Test Rs. 4200
FNAC Test Rs. 4500
Urine Test Rs. 700
Hsg Test Rs. 8500
Oct Eye Test Rs. NA
Lipid Profile Test Rs. 2600

IDC Ultrasound Charges 2024

Ultrasound Type Price in IDC
Abdomen Ultrasound (Abdomen, Pelvis, Scrotum, Inguinal) Rs. 3500
Joints Ultrasound Rs. 4000
Breast Ultrasound Rs. 3200
Thyroid Ultrasound Rs. 2800
Kidneys Ultrasound Rs. 3200
Heart Ultrasound Rs. 4500
Obstetric Ultrasound Rs. 3500 – Rs. 4600

IDC MRI Charges 2024

MRI Type Price in IDC
Brain MRI Rs. 25,000
Whole Body MRI Rs. 45,000
Spine MRI Rs. 18,000
Pelvis MRI Rs. 22,000
Abdomen MRI Rs. 22,000
Chest MRI Rs. 18,000
Cardiac MRI Rs. 30,000
Extremities MRI Rs. 16,000

IDC CT Scan Charges 2024

CT-Scan Type Price in IDC
Whole Body CT Scan Rs. 27,000
Pelvis CT Scan Rs. 12,000
Brain CT Scan Rs. 15,000
Chest CT Scan Rs. 12,000
Abdomen CT Scan Rs. 12,000
Reporting Only CT Scan Rs. 2,500
Full Spine CT Scan Rs. 24,000

Mammography Test Price in IDC Islamabad

Test Type Price in IDC
Mammography Test Rs. 3,800
Breast MRI Rs. 13,000

IDC Test Packages 2024

General Health Package

Type Test Included Price
Basic CBC, LFT, RFT, Glucose Fasting, Lipid Profile Fasting, HCV Antibody, HBsAg, Urine RE, BMI, ECG, Xray Chest PA View, Abdiomen/Pelvis Ultrasound Rs. 13,000
Advanced CBC, ESR, LFT, RFT, Lipid Profile, Electrolytes, Total Protein, Albumin, Calcium, Phosphorous, Glucose, HBA1C, CRP-HS, HCV Antibody, HBsAg, HIV ag/ab Combo, TSH, Vitamin D Total, Vitamin B12, Blood Group, Urine RE, Stool Occult Blood, BMI, ECG, ETT, Xray Chest PA View, Dexa Whole Body, Ultrasound for Abdomen/Pelvis, Eye Consultation, Medical Consultation Rs. 36,000

IDC Islamabad Contact Number

Here are the contact details of Islamabad Diagnostic Center;

Address: 3-A, Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad

IDC Phone Number: 051-111-000-432

IDC Whatsapp Number: 0311-1000432

Official Website: Click Here

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