Al Saudia Tibbi Foundation Products Price List 2024

If you are looking for Al Saudia Tibbi Foundation Products Price List 2024, then you came to the right place. Here we will share with you the updated rates of Al Saudia Tibi Foundation Products in Pakistan.

Al Saudia Tibbi Foundation HealthCare Products Rate List 2024

Here are the current prices of al Saudia Tibi foundation products;

Al Saudia Shadi Course Price

Products List Price
Akseer Ajwa Shadi Course Rs. 51,700
Akseer Anbar Shadi Course Rs. 49,400
Akseer Bohr Shadi Course Rs. 37,500
Akseer Charra Shadi Course Rs. 51,700
Akseer Kastoori Shadi Course Rs. 52,500
Akseer Safar Jal Shadi Course Rs. 45,300
Akseer Salajeet Shadi Course Rs. 46,400
Akseer Taloor Shadi Course Rs. 39,400
Akseer Zafran Shadi Course Rs. 36,200

Al Saudia Majoon Price

Products List Price
Majoon Ahtelam Rs. 3200
Majoon Ajwa Rs. 6000
Majoon Akhroot Rs. 4200
Majoon Allu Bukhara Rs. 4200
Majoon Anbar Kastoori Rs. 14000
Majoon Anjeer Kastoori Rs. 11300
Majoon Chanbal Rs. 3200

Al Saudia Dawakhana Tilla Price

Products List Price
Chamgadar Zafrani Tilla Rs. 4500
Charra Zafrani Tilla Rs. 3600
Cobra Zafrani Tilla Rs. 4450
Kala Zafrani Tilla Rs. 4950
Karly Zafrani Tilla Rs. 4370
Zehreela Zafrani Tilla Rs. 4225

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