Diesel Price in Pakistan Today 2023 , Petrol Prices, Oil Prices, Fuel Prices

If you are looking for diesel price in Pakistan today 2023, then you came to the right page. In this article, we are going to share with you the latest updated rate list for Diesel, Petrol, Oil, and Gas in Pakistan.

Petrol Price in Pakistan Today, Oil Prices, Fuel Prices, Diesel Price 2023

OGRA revises the prices of petrol high speed and light-speed diesel, kerosene, and other petroleum products in Pakistan every month.

The oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) controls the price of petrol in Pakistan as well as oil and gas operations. The petrol rate in Pakistan fluctuates frequently, as it is affected by several factors, such as economic conditions, global changes in oil and gas, political unrest, etc.

OGRA provides Petrol rates, Diesel rates, Light Diesel rates, and Kerosene rates on a monthly basis. However, the prices may vary based on the area or region. Consequently, petrol prices in Pakistan differ from one region to another. Petrol is the primary fuel used in the Punjab region for its vehicles.

Petroleum Products Price List in Pakistan 2023

Here are the updated prices for Petrol, High-Speed and Light Speed Diesel, and Kerosene Oil.

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Petroleum Products
Current Prices
Petrol Rs. 224.80
High-Speed Diesel Rs. 233.30
Kerosene Oil Rs. 202.02
Light Diesel Oil Rs. 186.49


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