SK Fan Price List 2022 | Ceiling, Pedestal, Exhaust, Bracket Fans Prices

If you are looking for SK Fan Price List 2022 in Pakistan, then you came to the right place. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates of SK Fans in Pakistan.

SK Fan Prices in Pakistan 2022

Here are the current updated prices of SK Fans;

SK Ceiling Fan Prices

Sk Ceiling Fan Models Price
Grace (Inverter) Rs. 20275
Iris (Inverter) Rs. 20275
Spider (Inverter) Rs. 20275
Butterfly (Inverter) Rs. 16345
Antique Plus Rs. 9665
Antique Rs. 9075
Antique Water Proof Rs. 9150
Sareen Rs. 9655
Caroma Rs. 9520
Caroma Plus Rs. 9790
Caroma Plus (Inverter) Rs. 11665
Magnum Rs. 7985
Magnum (Inverter) Rs. 10130
Executive Rs. 7210
Victoria Rs. 7515
VIP ₨. 6960 – ₨. 7100
Super Deluxe ₨. 6625 – ₨. 6800
Super Deluxe Inverter Rs. 8635
Supreme ₨. 6360 – ₨. 6600
Deluxe Plus Rs. 6540
Deluxe Standard Rs. 6295
Deluxe Standard (40) Rs. 5890
AC/DC Ceiling Fan Rs. 8195

SK Bracket Fan Prices

Sk Bracket Fan Models Price
Bracket Fan (AS-355) Rs. 5615
Bracket Fan (AS-410) Rs. 6020
Bracket Fan (AS-501) Metal Blade Rs. 6285
Bracket Fan (AS-501) Plastic Blade Rs. 6285
Bracket Fan (AS-502) Rs. 6285
Bracket Fan Rs. 6230 – Rs. 6285
Bracket Fan (AS-505) Rs. 6095
Mega Bracket Rs. 9330 – Rs. 11120

SK Pedestal Fans Prices

Sk Pedestal Fan Models Price
TCP DC Rs. 6070 – Rs. 10175
Pedestal Fan Rs. 8295 – Rs. 11520
TCP Rs. 8040
Table Fan Rs. 6745
TCP Fancy Rs. 8190

SK Exhaust Fans Prices

Sk Exhaust Fan Models Price
Ceiling Exhaust ₨.3990 – ₨.4275
Metal Exhaust (Round) ₨.7595 – ₨.11180
Metal Exhaust (Square) ₨.4355 – ₨.5055
Plastic Exhaust ₨.4315 – ₨.5015
Round Exhaust ₨.2945 – ₨.3395

Disclaimer Note: We try our best to update prices daily. All prices are based on market prices, which may differ from invoice prices and company rates. The website does not sell SK Fans, rather we just provide information regarding prices. So you will have to buy SK Ceiling, Pedestal, Exhaust, and Bracket Fans from the local market. If you are from a respective company or wish for us to update these prices. You can Contact Us through our contact page.

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