Super Asia Geyser Price in Pakistan [Electric, Instant, Gas Geysers]

If you are looking for Super Asia Geyser Price in Pakistan, then you came to the right place. Here we will share with you the updated rates of Asia Instant Geysers, Electric Geysers, and Gas Geysers in the Pakistani Electronic Market.

Super Asia Water Heater Prices in Pakistan

Here are the current prices of Super Asia Instant, Electrical, and Gas water heaters in Pakistan;

Super Asia Instant Geysers Rate List

Geysers Models Price
GH-406DI Rs. 15800
GH-206LPG Rs. 14900
GH-206 Rs. 14900
GH-106DI(NG) Rs. 16300
GH-108 Rs. 22700
GH-108DI Rs. 23000
GH-110 Rs. 24400
GH-406 Rs. 15500
GH-106 Rs. 16000

Super Asia Electric Water Heater Prices

Electric Water Geysers Models Rates
SEH-15 Rs. 22200
SEH-10 Rs. 20800
MEH-80 Rs. 30600
GH-208 Rs. 17800
MEH-100 Rs. 33400
EH-620 Rs. 21400
EH-616 Rs. 20000
EH-614 Rs. 19000
EH-612 Rs. 18200
EH-610 Rs. 17300
MEH-50 Rs. 25600
MEH-30 Rs. 26000

Super Asia Gas Geysers Cost

Gas Geyser Models Price List
Electric And Gas Geyser GEH725AI Auto Ignition Rs. 39900
Electric & Gas Geyser GEH720AI Auto Ignition Rs. 35700
GH555AI Auto Ignition Rs. 47000
Gas Geyser GH530-AI Rs. 38400

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Super Asia Gas Electric Water Geyser 55 Gallons GEH-755-AI price is Rs. 51700, and Electric Geyser 30 Gallons GEH 730AI Rate is Rs. 42700.

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