S&R Pizza Price List 2023 Philippines [UPDATED MENU]

If you are looking for S&R Pizza Price List 2023 Philippines, then you arrived at the right webpage. Here we will share with you the latest updated menu and rates of S&R Pizza.

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S&R Pizza Menu with Prices 2023

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Pizza is in high demand at S&R’s. Their pizzas come in a range of flavors, toppings, and even features not found on ordinary pizzas.

Here are the current prices and menu of S&R pizza in the Philippines;

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S&R Pizza Flavours Price
Cheese Slice ₱99.00
Cheese Whole ₱569.00
Garlic & Shrimp Slice ₱109.00
Garlic & Shrimp Whole ₱629.00
Combo Slice ₱109.00
Combo Whole ₱629.00
Pepperoni Slice ₱109.00
Pepperoni Slice Whole ₱629.00

18 Inches Pizza Price in the Philippines 2023

S&R Pizza Made-to-Order Pizza Menu
All Meat Pizza ₱699.00
Cheesy Burger Deluxe ₱699.00
Creamcheese Pepperoni ₱699.00
Hawaiian ₱699.00


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