Sugar Cane Rate in Pakistan 2023 40 KG [UPDATED]

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Sugarcane Rate in Pakistan 2022 – 2023

The Pakistani government will announce the sugarcane support price shortly. Based on a survey by Jang, sugarcane growers, sugar millers, and sugar dealers believe that for the crushing season starting from November 15, the price of sugarcane sold to the 82 mills in the country will be more than Rs. 350. The lower support price will be fixed at Rs 300 per 40 kilograms.

According to sugar mill owners in November last year, sugarcane was purchased at an average cost of Rs 255 per 40 kilograms. Government support prices for sugarcane are set at Rs 225 Per Munn.

Here are the current prices of Sugarcane in Pakistan.

Sugarcane Weight Price
40 KG Rs. 300 / Mun


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