ZIC Oil Price List in Pakistan 2023

If you are looking for ZIC Oil Price List in Pakistan 2023, then you came to the right place. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates of Zic Oil in Pakistan.

ZIC Oil Prices in Pakistan 2023

Here are the current prices of Zic Oil in Pakistan,

ZIC Oil for Petrol and Hybrid Cars

ZIC Oil Model Price / Liter Price of 3 Liter Price of 4 Liter
ZIC TOP 0W-40 Price Rs. 2030 Rs. 6090 Rs. 8150
ZIC X7 FE 0W-30 (OW – Hybrid) Price Rs. 1375 Rs. 4125 Rs. 5500
ZIC X7 FE 0W-20 Price Rs.1250 Rs. 3600 Rs. 4800
ZIC X9 5W-40 (XQ) Price N/A N/A N/A
ZIC X7 FE 5W-20 (A+) Price Rs. 1310 Rs. 3950 Rs. 5250
ZIC X7 10W-40 (A) Price Rs. 1130 Rs. 3400 Rs. 4530

ZIC Oil for Diesel Engine

Zic Oil Models Price of 1 Liter Price of 4 Liter Price of 5 Liter Price of 6 Liter
ZIC X7000 10W-40/CI-4 (5000) Price Rs. 910 Rs. 3630 Rs. 4550 Rs. 5450
ZIC X7000 15W-40/CI-4 (5000 POWER) Price N/A Rs. 3160 N/A N/A
ZIC X5000 15W-40/CH-4 (SD 5000) Price Rs. No Rs. 2860 Rs. 3575 Rs. 4290
ZIC X3000 20W-50/CF-4 (SD 3000) Price Rs. 660 Rs. 2400 Rs. 3075 Rs. 3690

ZIC Oil Price for Bikes in Pakistan

Zic Oil Models Price of 0.7 Liter Price of 1 Liter
ZIC M5 10W-50 (VHVI TECH) Price Rs. 570 Rs. 750
ZIC M9 10W-40 (VHVI TECH) Price Rs. 670 Rs. 850
ZIC M5 20W-40 (VHVI TECH) Price Rs. 565 Rs. 750
ZIC M7 10W-40 (VHVI TECH) Price Rs. 775 Rs. 1030


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