Ben and Jerry’s Price List 2023 [Complete Menu]

If you are looking for Ben and Jerry’s Price List 2023, then you came to the right webpage. Here we will share with you the updated menu rates of Ben and Jerrys.

Ben and Jerry’s Menu with Prices 2023

An American ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, sells its branded products both in grocery stores and through franchised restaurants. There is no significant difference in prices between Ben & Jerry’s and other ice cream restaurants. If you wish to purchase a smaller cone or cup, you can expect to pay approximately $5.

As well as their ice cream, they also have a variety of toppings you can put on your ice cream.

Here are the current prices of Ben and Jerry;

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Prices 2023

Ice Cream Size Price
Cup or Cone Small $3.99
Cup or Cone Large $4.99

Menu Price
Dipped Sugar Cone $0.59
Waffle Cone $0.99
Chocolate Dipped Waffle $1.49

Ben and Jerry’s Toppings Prices 2023

Toppings Menu  Price
Rainbow Sprinkles $0.29
Chocolate Jimmies $0.29
Hot Fudge/Caramel $0.59
Whipped Cream $0.29
Waffle Cone Pieces $0.29
Nuts $0.59
Chocolate Syrup $0.29
Strawberry Sauce $0.29
Fruit $0.59
Candy $0.59
Brownie Chunks $0.29
Cookie Chunks $0.29

Ben and Jerry’s Sundaes Prices 2023

Sundaes Menu Price
Core Sundae $5.49
Hot Fudge Sundae $5.19
Brownie Special $5.99
Cookie Cookie Sundae $5.99
Banana Fudge Royal $6.19
Waffle Bowl Sundae $6.19
Banana Split $6.49
VerMonster Sundae $39.99

Ben and Jerry’s To Go Menu Prices 2023

To Go Menu Size Price
Hand Picked Pint $5.49
Hand Picked Quart $9.49
Prepacked Pint $5.49

Ben and Jerry’s Beverages Prices 2023

Beverages Menu Price
Smoothie $5.29
Shake $5.29
Malt $5.29
Root Beer Float $5.29
Water $1.00
Soda $1.00

Ben and Jerry’s Cake Prices 2023

Cakes Menu Size Prices
Cake Small $22.99
Cake Medium $32.99
Cake Large $42.99
Cake Sheet $47.99

Ben and Jerry’s Bakery Prices 2023

Bakery Items Price
Cookies $1.19
Brownies $1.69

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