Samosa Patti Price in Pakistan 2023 [Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi]

If you are looking for Samosa Patti Price in Pakistan 2023, you have come to the right webpage. Here we will share the updated rates of Samosa Patti in different cities of Pakistan.

Samosa Patties Prices in Pakistan 2023

Here are the current prices of Samosa Patti in Pakistan;

Samosa Patti Price List in Pakistan

Item Name Weight Price
Lahore Samosa Patti 400g Rs. 120
PK Samosa Patti Sheets 50 Pack Rs. 215
Misbah Samosa Patti 400g Rs. 140
Frizzle Samosa Patti (50 Pack) 450g Rs. 160
Khatir Tawaza Samosa Patti 450g Rs. 340
Samosa Patti 1 Kg Rs. 450

Frozen Samosa Price in Pakistan 2023

Item Quantity Price
Menu Frozen Chicken Samosa 24 Pcs Rs. 842
Chicken Frozen Samosa * Rs. 340
Frozen Samosa 6 Pcs Rs. 599
Beef Samosa 12 Pcs Rs. 400
Beef Mince Samosa 24 Pcs Rs. 400
Potato Samosa 12 Pcs Rs. 360
Chicken Cheese Samosa 12 Pcs Rs. 460
Dawn Chicken Samosa 30 Pcs Rs. 1100
K&Ns Chicken Samosa 30 Pcs Rs. 880
Mon Salwa Chese Samosa 20 Pcs Rs. 680
Dawn Vegetable Samosa 12 Pcs Rs. 500
Metr Chef Chicken Samosa 1 Kg Rs. 820
Simply Sufi Potato Samosa 420g Rs. 500
Fine Life Chicken Samosa 1Kg Rs. 800
Fine Life Chicken Vegetable Samosa 1 Kg Rs. 710
Pk Beef Frozen Samosa 24 Pcs Rs. 856
Dawn Aloo Samosa 1 Kg Rs. 855


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