Simply Sufi Products Price List 2023 [UPDATED]

If you are looking for Simply Sufi Products Price List 2023, you have come to the right webpage. Here we will share the updated rates of Sufi products in Pakistan.

Simply Sufi Menu With Price 2023

Here are the current prices of Sufi products in Pakistan;

Sufi Economy Saver Polybag Menu

Item Price
Sufi Promo Pack Rs. 2340 – Rs. 2445
Chicken Nuggets 1kg Rs. 1070
Burger Patties 1Kg Rs. 1065

Sufi Topping Menu

Item Price
Tikka Topping 500g Rs. 900
Fajita Topping 500g Rs. 900

Sufi Ready to Cook Menu

Item Price
Simply Sufi Potato Paratha 360g Rs. 270
Simply Sufi Chicken Paratha 330g Rs. 420
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 400g Rs. 245
Burger Patties 1Kg Rs. 1365
Space Nuggets 800g Rs. 1135
Chicken Poppers 780g Rs. 1190
Chicken Nuggets 1 Kg Rs. 1210
Chicken Tenders 675g Rs. 1185
Chicken Wings 850g Rs. 1190
Badami Kofta 300g Rs. 485
Chapli Kabab 296g Rs. 460
Chicken Samosa 420g
Rs. 800
Vegetable Samosa 420g Rs. 450
Vegetable Samosa 550g Rs. 1205
Chicken Rolls 300g Rs. 540
Vegetable Rolls 300g Rs. 230
Potato Cutlet 500g Rs. 525
Potato Samosa 420g Rs. 455
Punjabi Samosa 400g Rs. 450

Sufi Ready-to-Eat Menu

Item Price
Simply Sufi Plain Naan 425g Rs. 285
Simply Sufi Roghni Naan 450g Rs. 390
Seekh Kabab 205g Rs. 430
Gola Kabab 205g Rs. 425
Shami Kabab 252g Rs. 435
Reshmi Tikka 515g Rs. 1095

Sufi Raw Chicken Prices

Item Price
Karahi Cut 1 Kg Rs. 861
Boneless Handi 500g Rs. 599
Boneless Thigh 500 g Rs. 599
Skinless Boneless Thigh 500g Rs. 599
Breast Fillet 500g Rs. 599
Premium Qeema 500g Rs. 599
Whole Chicken with Skin 1kg Rs. 844
Whole Chicken without Skin 1 Kg Rs. 856
Drumsticks 1Kg Rs. 838
Chicken Wings 1 Kg Rs. 814

Sufi Oil & Ghee Prices

Item Price
Sufi Canola Cooking Oil 0.75 Litre Rs. 550
Sufi Canola 1.8 Litre Cooking Oil Rs. 1250
Sufi Canola 3 Litre cooking oil Rs. 2020
Sufi 4.5 Litre cooking oil Bottle Rs. 3050
Sufi 1 Litre Oil Pouch Rs. 680
Sufi Soyabean 1.8 Litre cooking oil Rs. 1250
Sufi Sunflower 0.75 Litre cooking oil Rs. 550
Sufi Ghee 2.5 Kg Tin Rs. 1550
Sufi ghee 1 Kg Pouch Rs. 3050
Sufi extra virgin olive oil 500 ml Rs. 1350
Sufi pomace olive oill 500ml Rs. 1150

Simply Sufi Contact Number

Here is the contact detail of Simply Sufi company;

Address: 1-B Garden Block, Garden Town, Lahore.

Phone Number: 0800-74675

Official Website: Click Here

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