Monal Restaurant Islamabad Menu Rates 2023

If you are looking for Monal Restaurant Islamabad Menu Rates 2023, then you arrived at the right webpage. Here we will share with you the latest updated rates and menu of Monal Restaurant in Islamabad.

Monal Islamabad Price List 2023

Here are the current prices of Monal Restaurants in Islamabad;

Monal Breads & Naans Price List

Bread & Naans Menu Rate
Cheese Naan Rs. 465
Lahori Special Chicken Naan Rs. 475
Lahori Special Mutton Naan Rs. 545
Garlic Bread Rs. 325
Spicy Chicken Cheese Paratha Rs. 465
Fried Stuffed Mushrooms Rs. 765

Monal Fast Food Menu & Rate List

Fast Food Menu Rates
Chicken Tikka Burger Rs. 775
Chicken Steak Burger in Pepper Sauce Rs. 1035
Chicken Steak Burger in Mushroom Sauce Rs. 1035
Beef Steak Burger in Pepper Sauce Rs. 1035
Beef Steak Burger in Mushroom Sauce Rs. 1035
Chicken Burger Rs. 725
Chicken Double Decker Burger Rs. 845
Chicken Cheese Burger Rs. 795
Fried Chicken Breast Burger Rs. 865
Fried Chicken Breast Burger with Cheese Rs. 925
Grilled Chicken Burger Rs. 795
Monal Special Burger Price Rs. 925
Beef Burger Rs. 735
Beef Cheese Burger Rs. 795
Chicken Sandwich Rs. 745
Club Sandwich Rs. 865
Roast Chicken Sandwich Rs. 865
Chicken Shawarma Rs. 575
Chicken Cheese Shawarma Rs. 615
Plain Hot Dog Rs. 495
Hot Dog with Gar Onion Rs. 515

Monal Pizza Rates in Islamabad

Pizza Menu Regular Size Price Large Size Price
The Monal Special Pizza Rs. 1695 Rs. 2545
Monal Chicken Tikka Pizza Rs. 1695 Rs. 2545
Chicken Fajita Pizza Price Rs. 1695 Rs. 2545
Chicken Spicy Sicilian Pizza Price Rs. 1695 Rs. 2545
Pepperoni Pizza Price Rs. 1695 Rs. 2545
Veggie Lovers Pizza Price Rs. 1295 Rs. 1975
Monal Cheese Lovers Pizza Price Rs. 1475 Rs. 2095

Monal Italian Pasta & Lasagna Price

Pasta Menu Rates
Chinese Chicken Chowmein Rs. 1245
Spicy Fettuccine Rs. 1295
Fettuccine Alfredo Rs. 1295
Chicken Lasagna Rs. 1245

Monal Special Drinks Prices

Special Drinks Menu Rates
Pina Colada Rs. 525
Blue Logon Rs. 525
Kit Kat Kold Kofee Rs. 625
Cold Coffee Rs. 545
Frosted Lemonade Rs. 265

Monal Meetha Rates

Meetha Menu Rates
Suji Halwa Rs. 295
Gajjar Halwa Seasonal Rs. 575
Gulab Jaman 8 Pcs Rs. 345
Jalaybee Rs. 365
Monal Halwa Poori Price 4 Pcs Rs. 625
Desi Dessert Platter Rs. 595
European Dessert Platter Rs. 695
Kulfi Falooda Rs. 445
Stick Kulfi Rs. 105
Lahori Kheer Rs. 465
Rus Malai 6 Pcs Rs. 395
Rus Gulay 6 Pcs Rs. 395
Firni Jotay 2 Pcs Rs. 295

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Monal Restaurant Islamabad Address & Contact Number

Here is the contact info for Monal Hotel in Islamabad;

Address: 9KM Pir Sohawa Rd, Islamabad.

Phone Number: (051) 2898044

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