1 Kilo Chicken Price Philippines 2023

If you are looking for 1 Kilo Chicken Price Philippines 2023, you came to the right page. Here we will share with you poultry broiler chicken prices in the Philippines.

1 KG Chicken Price in Philippines Today 2023

Today, we will tell you the rate of chicken meat in the Philippines. The rate of chicken meat will be stated in Philippine currency, dollar, and euro.

Let me tell you that Filipinos eat pork with gusto because the price of a kilo of pork in the Philippines is up to 120 Philippine pesos. On the other hand, the price of chicken per kilo in the philippines in 2022 is 90 Php, which is why white chicken is trendy in the Philippines due to its cheapness.

Chicken Price Per Kilo Philippines 2023

The rate of frozen chicken meat available in supermarkets in the Philippines is as follows.

Chicken Per KG Price
Chicken 1 KG Price in PHP 180 PHP
Chicken 1 KG Price in USD 3.490 USD
Chicken 1 KG Price in EUR 3.209 EUR

Note: This chicken meat is in a frozen form and is ready to cook.

Chicken Meat Price Philippines 2023

A kilo of chicken meat in the Philippines costs 180 PHP in the Philippine currency. In dollar terms, it costs 3.490 USD, and in euros, it costs 3.209.

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1 Dozen Eggs Price in the Philippines 2023

If we talk about broiler chicken eggs, the rate for 12 eggs in the Philippines is 97 Philippine rupees.


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