Shwapno Product Price List 2023

If you are looking for Shwapno Product Price List 2023, then you have come to the right webapge. Here we will share the updated rates of Shwapno in Bangladesh.

Shwapno Grocery Price List 2023

Here are the complete price list of Shwapno products in Bangladesh;

Shwapno Vegetables Price List

Item Name Price Per Kilo
Long Bean ৳103
Lady Finger Dherosh ৳69
Kacha Kola ৳13 Per Piece
Tomato ৳99
New Alu Potato ৳45
Cucumber ৳48
Brinjal ৳66
Capsicum ৳344

Shwapno Fruits Price List

Item Name Price Per Kilo
Golden Apple ৳300
Apple Gala ৳299
Water Melon ৳99
Apple Fuji ৳350
Kiwi ৳1385
Pineapple ৳70
Malta ৳240
Mango Himshagor ৳120
Dragon Fruits Red Thai ৳1295

Shwapno Dry Fruits Price List

Item Name Price
Dry Plum 100g ৳85.15
Shwapno Kismis 200g ৳191.25
Mabroom Dates Per Kg ৳1390
Ajwa Dates Per Kg ৳1480
Mudjoel Dates 1 Kg ৳1750

Shwapno Meat Price List

Item Name Price
Beef Premium Cube 1 Kg ৳779
OX Liver & Heart Mix 1 Kg ৳890
Khashir Kolija Regular 1 Kg ৳620
Mutton Standard 1 Kg ৳950
Broiler Chicken Without Skin 1 Kg ৳320
Roast Chicken 200 – 300 gm ৳198
Local Chicken Dressed 1 Kg ৳820

Shwapno Bangladesh Contact Number

Here is the contact detail of Shwapno mart;

Address: Bangladesh

Phone Number: +880 9612-000666

Official Website: Click Here

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