Imtiaz Super Market Online Price List 2024 | Online Shopping Rate List Today

If you are looking for Imtiaz Super Market Online Price List 2024, then you have come to the right webpage. Here we will share the updated rate list of Imtiaz super market online shopping in Pakistan.

Imtiaz Super Market Rate List Today 2024

Here are the today prices of Imtaiz Super Market;

Imtiaz Super Market Grocery Price List

Vegetables & Fruits Menu Price
China Garlic 250g Rs. 125
Green Chilli 1 Kg Rs. 100
Desi Garlic Lehsun 250g Rs. 95
1 Kg Cucumber Rs. 150
Ginger 1 Kg Rs. 1200
Potato 1 Kg Rs. 85
Tomato 1 Kg Rs. 130
Onion 1 Kg Rs. 90

Imtiaz Super Market Rice Price 2024

Chawal Menu Price
1 Kg Ponam Supreme Sela Rice Rs. 325
Ponam Super Kernel Basmati Rice 1Kg Rs. 335
Ponam Basmati Rice Kifayat 1Kg Rs. 265

Chicken Rate Today in Imtiaz Market

Chicken Menu Price
1 Kg Boneless Chicken Rs. 990
1 Kg Chicken Boti Cut Rs. 624
2 Kg Chicken Boti Rs. 1,248
2 Kg Chicken without Bone Rs. 1,980

Imtiaz Super Market Meat Price List 2024

Meat Menu Price
1 Kg Mutton Mix Rs. 16,88
1 Kg Veal Whole Mix Rs. 908
1 Kg Veal Boneless Rs. 1,168
1 Kg Beef Boneless Boti Rs. 989

Cooking Oil Price in Imtiaz Super Market

Oil Brands Menu Price
1 Litre Mezan Canola Oil Rs. 525
1 Litre Dalda Cooking Oil Rs. 558
1 Litre Eva Cooking Oil Rs. 545
1 Litre Habib Oil Rs. 560
1 Litre Tullo Oil Rs. 549
5 Litre Golden Sun Oil Rs. 2,498
3 Litre Sharjah Cooking Oil Rs. 1,470
1 Litre Barkat Oil Rs. 545
5 Litre Canolive Oil Rs. 2,800
5 Litre Kisan Oil Rs. 2,900
1 Litre Soya Supreme Oil Rs. 540

Ghee Price in Imtiaz Super Market

Ghee Brands Menu Price
1 Kg Barkat Ghee Rs. 420
1 Kg Kisan Ghee Rs. 475
1 Kg Eva Ghee Rs. 489
1 Kg Tullo Ghee Rs. 455
1 Kg Habib Ghee Rs. 475
1 Kg Dalda Ghee Rs. 520
1 Kg Golden Sun Ghee Rs. 445
1 Kg Soya Supreme Ghee Rs. 479
1 Kg Mezan Ghee Rs. 489

Desi Ghee Price in Imtiaz Market

Desi Khalis Ghee Price
Haleeb Desi Ghee Tin 1 Kg Rs. 1,499
Pak Pure Desi Ghee Tin 1 Kg Rs. 1,619

Sugar Price in Imtiaz Super Market

Sugar Menu Price
Ponum Sugar 1 Kg Rs. 130
Ponum Gurr Shakar 1 Kg Rs. 220
Ponum Gurr 1 Kg Rs. 230
Chashnik Sugar 1 Kg Rs. 250
Mehran Brown Sugar 1 Kilo Rs. 289

Imtiaz Cold Drink Rate 2024

Drinks Menu Price
Pepsi Drink Can Rs. 75
Pepsi 1500ml Rs. 175
Coca Cola Drink Can Rs. 85
Coca Cola 1.5 Litre Bottle Rs. 179
Coca Cola Jumbo 2.25 Litre Rs. 235
Mountain Dew Can Rs. 75
Mountain Dew Jumbo 2.25 Litre Rs. 229
Mountain Dew 1.5 Litre Rs. 175
Sting Energy Can Rs. 80

Juice Price in Imtiaz Super Market

Juice Menu Price
1 Litre Popular Maza Juice Rs. 179
1 Litre Any Time Juice Rs. 225
Rani Juice Can 240ml Rs. 199
Quice Juice 250ml Rs. 35
1 Litre Fruitien Juice Rs. 275
1 Litre Maza Juice Mango Rs. 179
1 Liter Slice Juice Rs. 145

Imtiaz Super Market Bakery Menu

Bakery Items Menu Price
Bake Parlor Bread Large Rs. 199
Bake Parlor Shawarma Bread Rs. 89
Dawn Hot Dog Bun 60g Rs. 29
Dawn Bread Milky Rs. 109
Frizzle Petta Bread Rs. 90
Bake Parlor Fruit Bun Rs. 45
Dawn Bread Brown Rs. 145

Imtiaz Super Market Atta Price

Flour Menu Price
5 Kg Ponam Chakki Atta Rs. 869
5 Kg Ponam Super Fine Special Atta Rs. 869
500g Ponam Rice Flour Rs. 90
Ponam Makai Atta 500g Rs. 85
Ponam Jou Flour 500g Rs. 95
Ponam Bajra Flour 500g Rs. 65
Ponam Cornflour 1kg Rs. 165

Milk Price in Imtiaz Super Market

Milk Menu Price
Comelle Condensed Milk 397g Rs. 359
Polac Condensed Milk 1Kg Rs. 825
Olper’s Full Cream Milk Pouch 250ml Rs. 67
Nurpur Full cream Milk Pouch 250ml Rs. 65
1 Litre Habib Milk Rs. 219
Dairy Omung Milk 1 Liter Rs. 189
Dayfresh Full Cream Milk 250ml Rs. 75
Dairy Pure Milk 225ml Rs. 52
1.5 Litre Olpers Milk Rs. 355
Pakola Milk UHT 250ml Rs. 65
Haleeb Asli Full Cream Milk 1 Ltr Rs. 205
1 Litre Milk Pack Rs. 249

Tang Price in Imtiaz Super Market

Drink Powder Menu Price
Tang Lemon & Pepper Tub 750g Rs. 585
Tang Sachet 25g Rs. 20
Tang Pineapple Pouch 375g Rs. 239
Tang Orange 125g Sachet Rs. 80
2.5 Kg Tang Orange Tub Rs. 1,699

Imtiaz Super Market Cosmetics Price List

Makeup Menu Price
Golden Pearl Glow Boosting Serum 3ml Rs. 85
Cosmee Soothing Gel Aloe Vera 80g Rs. 169
Hemani Rose Water Spray 120ml Rs. 229
Dermacos Hydroxy Clay 200g Rs. 369
Vince Extra Fair Cleansing Milk 120ml Rs. 409
Saeed Ghani Rose Water 700ml Rs. 335
Ponds Moisturizing Lotion Vitamin E 100ml Rs. 269
Vince Sun Block Non Greasy 75ml Rs. 765

Chocolate Price in Imtiaz Super Market

Item Price
Nutro Wafers Chocolate 80G Rs. 345
Euro Twin Chocolate Cake 32G Rs. 79
Salman’s Syrup Chocolate 623g Rs. 545
Choco Bliss Chocolate Spread Milk 675g Rs. 1,019
Young’s Chocolate Spread 600g Rs. 779

For Electronic Items and Mobile Rate List Please Visit Nearest Imtaiz Market Branch.

Imtiaz Super Market Branches

Imtiaz Super Store branches are available in the following cities of Pakistan;

  • Imtiaz Super Market Karachi
  • Imtiaz Super Market Lahore
  • Imtiaz Super Market Rawalpindi
  • Imtiaz Super Market Sialkot
  • Imtiaz Super Market Gujrat
  • Imtiaz Super Market Faisalabad
  • Imtiaz Super Market Sargodha
  • Imtiaz Super Market Islamabad
  • Imtiaz Super Market Peshawar
  • Imtiaz Super Market Gujranwala
  • Imtiaz Super Market Bahawalpur

Imtiaz Super Market Contact Number

Here is the contact detail detail of the Imtiaz Super Store;

Address: 7th Floor, Prestige Trade Center, Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi.

Phone Number: 021-111468429

Official Website: Click Here

Online Shopping: Click Here

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